La Casa de Papel
Season 2

s02e01 / We're Back

19th Jul '19 - 10:00pm
We're Back

When Río is captured, a distraught Tokyo turns to the Professor for help. Armed with a bold new plan, they reunite the team in order to rescue him.

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s02e02 / Aikido

20th Jul '19 - 10:00pm

The Professor recruits Martín to put his brother's plan into action and target the Bank of Spain. First step? Create total chaos.

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s02e03 / 48 Meters Underground

21st Jul '19 - 10:00pm
48 Meters Underground

Tokyo and Nairobi's efforts go drastically awry. The Professor recalls Berlín detailing how they'd steal the gold from the water-logged vault.

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s02e04 / Boom, Boom, Ciao

22nd Jul '19 - 10:00pm
Boom, Boom, Ciao

Tamayo's breaches of protocol surprise the Professor. Bogotá calms Denver's anxieties. With time running out, Palermo initiates the "Flipper" plan.

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s02e05 / The Red Boxes

23rd Jul '19 - 10:00pm
The Red Boxes

The Professor shocks officials with his latest stunt, but in response, a new inspector rattles Raquel. Palermo and Nairobi get into a heated argument.

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s02e06 / Everything Seemed Insignificant

24th Jul '19 - 10:00pm
Everything Seemed Insignificant

Just as Inspector Sierra orchestrates a plan to sneak a team into the Bank of Spain, the Professor and Raquel lose communication with Palermo.

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s02e07 / A Quick Vacation

25th Jul '19 - 10:00pm
A Quick Vacation

Tokyo's happiness turns bittersweet. Ángel closes in on a quarreling Raquel and the Professor. Authorities offer a multimillion-dollar reward for tips.

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s02e08 / Astray

26th Jul '19 - 10:00pm

Tokyo attempts to drown her sorrows. Sierra uses personal tactics to target a vulnerable Nairobi, while Suárez continues to hunt down Raquel.

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s02e09 / Game Over

3rd Apr '20 - 10:00pm
Game Over

Anger and grief heighten tensions between the group. The Professor, while in mourning, attempts to make a daring and dangerous escape.

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s02e10 / Berlin's Wedding

4th Apr '20 - 10:00pm
Berlin's Wedding

Palermo shocks the group with his actions. Sierra pressures her subject to take a deal. The Professor remembers his brother's wedding.

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s02e11 / Anatomy Lesson

5th Apr '20 - 10:00pm
Anatomy Lesson

The Professor's mole attempts to pass along his message to the person inside the tent. Denver's jealousy toward Mónica and Rio's friendship heightens.

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s02e12 / Pasodoble

6th Apr '20 - 10:00pm

In the past, Berlin predicts that Gandía will cause problems for the operation. Sierra's interrogation of Lisboa leads to a personal revelation.

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s02e13 / 5 Minutes Earlier

7th Apr '20 - 10:00pm
5 Minutes Earlier

Denver turns to an undercover source for help. Nairobi attempts to motivate her team as the danger around them intensifies.

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s02e14 / TKO

8th Apr '20 - 10:00pm

With Nairobi held hostage, Gandía negotiates with the crew. The Professor desperately seeks a new plan to save his team.

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s02e15 / Strike the Tent

9th Apr '20 - 10:00pm
Strike the Tent

The group reels following the attack on one of their own. The Professor puts his adjusted plan in motion with the help of new recruits and Palermo.

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s02e16 / The Paris Plan

10th Apr '20 - 10:00pm
The Paris Plan

The Professor, Benjamin and the others attempt to free Lisboa. Tokyo's anger threatens her faith in the plan. Sierra takes matters into her own hands.

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