Last Man Standing
Season 7

s07e01 / Welcome Baxter

29th Sep '18 - 12:00am
Welcome Baxter

Mike and Vanessa eagerly await Eve's visit home from the Air Force Academy. Meanwhile Ryan's anxiety about current events leads to a shocking announcement.

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s07e02 / Man vs. Myth

6th Oct '18 - 12:00am
Man vs. Myth

Having avoided expressing any sort of emotion after his dad died, Mike finally has the heart-to-heart with Bud that he never had while he was alive. Meanwhile, Kristin proposes a new business venture, and Mandy gives Kyle a makeover to fit his new corporate job.

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s07e03 / Giving Mike the Business

13th Oct '18 - 12:00am
Giving Mike the Business

Under the threat of corporate takeover, Mike and Ed disagree on the direction of Outdoor Man's future. Meanwhile, Vanessa is elated when she thinks Mandy and Kyle are trying to have a baby.

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s07e04 / Bride of Prankenstein

20th Oct '18 - 12:00am
Bride of Prankenstein

On Halloween night, Mike and Chuck work late to set up a security system at Outdoor Man and find the perfect target to prank when Joe arrives at the store. Meanwhile Mandy, Kyle, Kristen and Ryan hold a séance.

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s07e05 / One Flew Into the Empty Nest

3rd Nov '18 - 12:00am
One Flew Into the Empty Nest

When Vanessa wants to board a foreign exchange student, Mike must work overtime to impress her father. Meanwhile Kristen and Ryan try to remain cool when Boyd invites a girl over.

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s07e06 / The Courtship of Vanessa's Mother

10th Nov '18 - 1:00am
The Courtship of Vanessa's Mother

Vanessa's mother comes to visit and hits it off with Ed... a little too well. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle tutor Boyd, but they may be the ones getting outsmarted.

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s07e07 / Dreams Vs. Realty

17th Nov '18 - 1:00am
Dreams Vs. Realty

Mandy nearly gives up on her dream of becoming a fashion designer when she is faced with rejection, sending her into a spiral. Vanessa is then forced to look back at her own career path, which stirs up regrets. Mike then steps in to help the women in his family realize their dreams.

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s07e08 / HR's Rough n' Stuff

8th Dec '18 - 1:00am
HR's Rough n' Stuff

Kyle's first day in Outdoor Man HR is more than he bargained for when Chuck and Joe file a complaint against Mike. Meanwhile, Ryan finds himself in the doghouse when he, Kristen and Boyd take care of a neighbor's puppy.

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s07e09 / The Gift of the Mike Guy

15th Dec '18 - 1:00am
The Gift of the Mike Guy

Mike tries to find the perfect gift for Ed, which proves more difficult than he thought, and Vanessa tries to bring the family back together for their Christmas decorating tradition.

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s07e10 / Three for the Road

5th Jan '19 - 1:00am
Three for the Road

When Mike offers to take Boyd on a fishing trip, Ryan objects because the plans interfere with an existing trip he had made with his son. Boyd then insists the three take a trip together, forcing Mike and Ryan to get along. Meanwhile Mandy and Kyle play detectives.

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s07e11 / Common Ground

12th Jan '19 - 1:00am
Common Ground

Mike struggles to find common ground with Jen, the Baxter's new foreign exchange student, fearing she is being too polite with him. Meanwhile, Kyle and Chuck mess with Ed's ancestry results.

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s07e12 / Cabin Pressure

2nd Feb '19 - 1:00am
Cabin Pressure

Mike and Vanessa take the girls to the family cabin, where Mike challenges them to literally unplug for the weekend and stay off their phones. Meanwhile, for a school assignment, Jen shadows Kyle at work.

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s07e13 / The Best Man

16th Feb '19 - 1:00am
The Best Man

Chuck and Carol decide to renew their vows, and Mike plans to take his officiating to a new level.

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s07e14 / Sibling Quibbling

16th Feb '19 - 1:30am
Sibling Quibbling

With Chuck away on his honeymoon, Ed takes over Outdoor Man security duties with a new approach. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle combine their finances and things go less than smoothly.

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s07e15 / Arrest Her Development

23rd Feb '19 - 1:00am
Arrest Her Development

Vanessa "helps" Mandy and Kyle look for their first apartment. Meanwhile, Mike is thrilled when Ryan's good business decisions have him unknowingly embracing capitalism.

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s07e16 / Urban Exploring

2nd Mar '19 - 1:00am
Urban Exploring

As Boyd's sense of adventure grows, Mike and Kristen have different opinions on how much space they should give him. When Mandy and Kyle move into their apartment, they find Ryan isn't a "fun" landlord.

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s07e17 / Cards on the Table

9th Mar '19 - 1:00am
Cards on the Table

Mike begrudgingly invites Ryan to his weekly poker game, but immediately regrets it when Ryan gets the guys to open up about their feelings.

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s07e18 / Otherwise Engaged

16th Mar '19 - 12:00am
Otherwise Engaged

Vaness tries to prevent Mike from interfering with Ed and Bonnie's blossoming relationship, but he is unable to stop himself from meddling.

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s07e19 / The Passion of Paul

23rd Mar '19 - 12:00am
The Passion of Paul

When Reverend Paul calls on Mike to teach Sunday school, Mike convinces Kyle to take his place. Meanwhile, Eve fears Mandy and Kristin are taking advantage of Jen at home.

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s07e20 / Yass Queen

20th Apr '19 - 12:00am
Yass Queen

Mike invites Mandy to sit in on a business meeting with an aggressive sales rep in an effort to help get her clothing line off the ground and into stores. Meanwhile, Ed hires Kyle to transcribe his life story.

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s07e21 / The Favourite

4th May '19 - 12:00am
The Favourite

Mike and Chuck get their game on when Ed has a pinball machine installed in the office. Meanwhile, Kristen and Mandy become jealous of a poem Vanessa wrote for Jen.

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s07e22 / A Moving Finale

11th May '19 - 12:00am
A Moving Finale

When Mandy and Kyle are hesitant to move out of the Baxter household and into their own place, Mike gives them some tough love. Meanwhile Ed and Chuck try to avoid contributing to Boyd's theater fundraiser.

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