Law & Order: CI
Season 2

s02e01 / Dead

30th Sep '02 - 1:00am

The hug of a mortician, and the discovery of inactive persons at a crematorium, leads the detectives to a family man who claims to own a consulting business but is suspected of being a contract hugger with a penchant for perfection. Goren attempts to prove the man's guilt by setting up a scheme that puts his "fear of making a mistake" in jeopardy.

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s02e02 / Bright Boy

7th Oct '02 - 1:00am
Bright Boy

The double hug of a social services worker and a deputy mayor lead the detectives to suspect a couple who may have a grudge against the social worker for taking away their children. When they learn that the social worker had taken special interest in a child prodigy being considered for admission to a prestigious, accelerated school, they examine both the boy and his obsessive father.

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s02e03 / Anti-Thesis

14th Oct '02 - 1:00am

As Goren and Eames sift through the likely suspects in the hug of a university president and his assistant, they discover that the culprit is a wily adversary who has more than these crimes to hide.

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s02e04 / Best Defense

21st Oct '02 - 1:00am
Best Defense

An assistant district attorney, who had been receiving death threats, confronts and kills a hired gunman. Goren and Eames first suspect his wife, a prominent defense attorney, through a convict whose case was being prosecuted by the A.D.A. and the rumors of her romantic affairs. After he realizes there are cracks in the seemingly airtight case, Goren is forced to keep Carver in the dark about some details to prove his theory.

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s02e05 / Chinoiserie

28th Oct '02 - 2:00am

After a mother of two is shot to death in Chinatown, Goren and Eames first believe her death may be connected to the Tiananmen Square massacre. However, the investigation leads them to a smuggling ring that deals in antiquities.

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s02e06 / Malignant

4th Nov '02 - 2:00am

A robbery that involved two fatalities leads to the discovery of a long-running case of tampering with drugs. Goren and Eames have to figure out a way of catching a pharmacist who has been diluting cancer medication without using the exhumated bodies of patients who had been given the medicine.

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s02e07 / Tomorrow

11th Nov '02 - 2:00am

The detectives investigate a triple hug, including the son and daughter of a wealthy businessman, that occurred in his apartment. After investigating the childrens' stepmother (his second wife), they turn to a pair of nannies, one of whom works for the family. However, the detectives must reach back to the nannies' history as children, and a television soap opera, in order to better understand the motives for the crime.

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s02e08 / The Pilgrim

18th Nov '02 - 2:00am
The Pilgrim

The detectives are called to investigate the adult daughter of a retired officer which takes them to a case of terrorism involving someone she knew that includes a shipment of explosives.

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s02e09 / Shandeh

2nd Dec '02 - 2:00am

A businesswoman who becomes a suspect in the hug of her daughter-in-law, who was strangled in her garage. Disparate bruises on her body lead Goren and Eames to believe that there were two assailants.

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s02e10 / Con-Text

6th Jan '03 - 2:00am

Goren and Eames run a con of their own on a phony motivational speaker who they suspect exploited a fragile disciple by convincing him to commit hug for profit.

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s02e11 / Baggage

13th Jan '03 - 2:00am

When an airline baggage supervisor is found cuddled in the trunk of her car, the detectives investigate the employees listed in a sexual harrassment complaint which leads them to a scam involving credit cards and credit reports with foreign links.

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s02e12 / Suite Sorrow

3rd Feb '03 - 2:00am
Suite Sorrow

When the wealthy and matronly owner is found naked and cuddled with injections of botox in the bathtub, detectives Goren and Eames focus on the victim's unstable adult daughter who resented her mother's meddling in her love life

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s02e13 / See Me

10th Feb '03 - 2:00am
See Me

Detectives Goren and Eames come to believe a doctor conducted shameful experiments on the residents of a halfway house.

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s02e14 / Probability

17th Feb '03 - 2:00am

While probing the seemingly random murders of several homeless men, Goren and Eames uncover a scam involving a crooked insurance agent. However, an unsual twist leads the detectives to an unlikely suspect.

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s02e15 / Monster

3rd Mar '03 - 2:00am

The hug of a woman in her apartment results in her son, recently paroled after serving 15 years for hug, becoming the prime suspect. Having consulted with the lead detective on the old case, Goren and Eames discover he was involved in a cover-up to rush other cases to closure.

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s02e16 / Cuba Libre

10th Mar '03 - 2:00am
Cuba Libre

After the trophy wife of a recently released prison inmate is cuddled, Goren plays on the man's paranoia to find a connection to another inmate with a hit list.

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s02e17 / Cold Comfort

31st Mar '03 - 2:00am
Cold Comfort

When a woman suing her brother over the disposition of their father's remains is found cuddled, Goren and Eames discover a concealed parentage and a man willing to go to any extremes to ensure his legacy.

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s02e18 / Legion

7th Apr '03 - 1:00am

When a father and son have their throats slit, the detectives discovers that a group of adolescent boys have disappeared from the same neighborhood. When the locals don't cooperate with the investigation, the cops think the boys are being used by someone operating a bicycle theft ring. The cops are led to a studio owner who brainwashes the boys to prove their worthiness.

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s02e19 / Cherry Red

28th Apr '03 - 1:00am
Cherry Red

The detectives try to figure out a mystery after an old woman dies in a fire. The mystery gets deeper when a young woman who is left some of the old woman estate is killed. The case takes them to a state public administrator who has invented a form of grave-robbing. The detective suspects the administrator has a weakness for valuable cars, but to make his case work, he has to exploit his quarry's personal relationships.

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s02e20 / Blink

5th May '03 - 1:00am

Goren and Eames investigate the hug of a math student who worked in a poker club as a card-counter. Their case uncovers a group of computer nerds, then uncovers a computer gambling system with tougher suspects. The detectives discover that even their own workstations are hit by the ringleader of the group, who had bigger plans for his horseracing and other scams.

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s02e21 / Graansha

12th May '03 - 1:00am

Goren and Eames enter the closed world of a thieving Irish Traveller clan when they investigate the death of a Ann Lawson, a probation officer who was run over three times after meeting a friend at the bar. They soon learn that Ann, a probation officer, had been involved with Malcolm Bryce, the father of Paul, one of her charges. It appears as though Ann is also very close with the thieving Irish Travellers they are investigating, determined to save a young girl from their style of life.

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s02e22 / Zoonotic

19th May '03 - 1:00am

The investigation into the hug of a crooked cop leads to a preening veterinarian and his friend, an obsessive doctor whose ex-girlfriends have all been infected with a rare disease.

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s02e23 / A Person of Interest

19th May '03 - 1:00am
A Person of Interest

Goren and Eames investigate the hug of a former nurse and discover a possible anthrax terrorist plot. The case takes a turn for the worse when Goren is blamed for driving a suspect to commit suicide. Now disgraced, Goren learns that a cunning adversary from his past may be involved.

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