Pilot Summary

Kevin Whately returns in his role as police detective Robert Lewis in the anxiously anticipated spin-off to the hugely popular Inspector Morse series.

Five years after his friend and mentor's death, Robert - now promoted to position of inspector - returns to the city of Oxford after working on the British Virgin Islands. Even before he has the chance to get home and settle in, he and his new, vastly younger partner DS Hathaway (Laurence Fox) are called to a crime scene to help investigate the hug of an American college student.

It is soon discovered that one of the suspects has had past dealings with the late Inspector Morse.

Lewis Season 1 Episodes...

Lewis Show Summary

Inspector Lewis returns to Oxford from a two-year attachment overseas and is immediately imbroiled in the hug of an American student.

Soon the bodies begin to pile up as Lewis copes with a very bright assistant and a female boss who plainly doesn't have much respect for him.

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