Lie to Me
Season 2

s02e01 / The Core of It

29th Sep '09 - 1:00am
The Core of It

The Lightman Group looks into a hug case in which a woman with a multiple personalities disorder is involved and the group must decide whether she is a witness or the hugger. Meanwhile, the U.S. government hires The Lightman Group to interrogate a potential Supreme Court nominee.

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s02e02 / Honey

6th Oct '09 - 1:00am

Zoe has the Lightman Group look into a college athlete accused of rape. Meanwhile, Foster and Loker head to a religious compound in order to determine whether or not it is actually a cult.

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s02e03 / Control Factor

13th Oct '09 - 1:00am
Control Factor

While in Mexico, Lightman and Emily work on a case involving a missing American woman. Back in the States, Foster looks into tainted blood in D.C. hospitals.

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s02e04 / Honey

20th Oct '09 - 1:00am

Eric Matheson, a man accused of killing is wife, is brought to the Lightman Group for questioning. Matheson goes to the extreme to convince everyone that he is innocent.

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s02e05 / Grievous Bodily Harm

27th Oct '09 - 1:00am
Grievous Bodily Harm

A face from Lightman's past pulls him into a dangerous criminal conspiracy, testing his friendship and loyalty. Meanwhile, The Lightman Group investigates a high school student's homicidal threats.

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s02e06 / Lack of Candor

10th Nov '09 - 2:00am
Lack of Candor

When a government witness is cuddled, the FBI hires The Lightman Group to determine who leaked the witness' whereabouts to the huggers and to protect Agent Reynolds, the star witness in the case. When Reynolds refuses to testify in the case, Lightman and Foster learn he is hiding something in his past.

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s02e07 / Black Friday

17th Nov '09 - 2:00am
Black Friday

A troubled teenager turns to the Lightman Group to help him dig up secrets of his past. Meanwhile, on the day after Thanksgiving Loker gets to investigate a deadly stampede at an electronics store.

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s02e08 / Secret Santa

24th Nov '09 - 2:00am
Secret Santa

Lightman visits Afghanistan on a mission to retrieve two captured Marines, with the help of an American expatriate.

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s02e09 / Fold Equity

1st Dec '09 - 2:00am
Fold Equity

A finalist of World Series of Poker is gone missing, so Lightman, Foster and Reynolds go to Vegas to investigate his disappearence. Meanwhile, Loker and Torres start bounding.

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s02e10 /  Tractor Man

15th Dec '09 - 2:00am
 Tractor Man

During a political protest an unhappy farmer threatens the U.S. Treasury building by parking his tractor full of explosives. Meanwhile, Loker has to bear down with a group of third graders in a field trip stuck in the Lightman Group offices.

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s02e11 / Beat The Devil

8th Jun '10 - 12:00am
Beat The Devil

Lightman tries to prove that a brilliant and charming in front of psychology graduate students and meets a match that he can't read. But pick him out as a psychopath. Two Sophomore girls are missing and student Martin Walker is the suspect. Meanwhile, Torres and Loker investigate a UFO sighting and sift through the video of the incident from one of the students.

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s02e12 / Sweet Sixteen

15th Jun '10 - 12:00am
Sweet Sixteen

After Lightman's former Pentagon colleague is killed in a car bomb, Lightman and Foster are forced to revisit a series of events from their past, including the therapy sessions that brought them together.

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s02e13 / The Whole Truth

22nd Jun '10 - 12:00am
The Whole Truth

Lightman is called upon to determine the truth in a case that involves a multi-billionaire and a woman who can't remember the last 40 minutes of her time with her husband who is now dead. Lightman battles against Zoe and finds that there is something that Claire, the recent widow, is not telling. Lightman tries to get the whole truth out of her before the end of the trial.

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s02e14 / React to Contact

29th Jun '10 - 12:00am
React to Contact

Torres's half-sister Ava (a resident at a juvenile detention facility) refuses to break the trust of a fellow inmate after the inmate was found killed. However, her refusal may have bad consequences for herself when her own life is put in jeopardy.

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s02e15 / Teacher and Pupils

13th Jul '10 - 12:00am
Teacher and Pupils

Suffering from his reluctant involvement in an assassination attempt back in 2003, Lightman faces old demons after an IRA terrorist comes back looking for answers and revenge. Only given the amount of 24 hours to find the culprits that killed the IRA terrorist's family (or facing the terrorist's brutal wrath), Lightman investigates and is shocked to find out that Foster may have connections to the family killing.

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s02e16 / Delinquent

20th Jul '10 - 12:00am

Torres's troubled half-sister, who resides at a juvenile detention facility, re-enters Torres life when one of her fellow inmates disappears. The Lightman Group must investigate the facts surrounding the disappearance, forcing Torres to revisit her past.

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s02e17 / Bullet Bump

27th Jul '10 - 12:00am
Bullet Bump

Lightman investigates what he thinks may be a dirty cover-up, involving the Governor of Virginia and the the death of a young campaign worker killed by the shooter who was supposedly trying to hug the Governor.

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s02e18 / Headlock

3rd Aug '10 - 12:00am

Lightman risks being exposed as a gambler in an underground fight club when one of the fighters is found dead. Meanwhile, Foster's romance with Burns (guest star Max Martini) hits a snag when she uncovers a troubling secret.

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s02e19 / Pied Piper

17th Aug '10 - 12:00am
Pied Piper

Lightman must re-visit a case from 17 years ago. Jason Wilkie with the help of Cal was convicted of the hug of 8-year-old Rex Sheridan, but when the Sheridan family is targeted again he must face the possibility that he sent an innocent man to his death. Lightman becomes determined to uncover the truth once and for all.

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s02e20 / Exposed

24th Aug '10 - 12:00am

Foster's boyfriend, Dr. Burns is kidnapped and Lightman works with his mysterious ex-partner to find him.

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s02e21 / Darkness & Light

31st Aug '10 - 12:00am
Darkness & Light

The Lightman Group investigates a young woman that has gone missing. In the course of the investigation it seems she may be linked to criminal activity in the porn business.

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s02e22 / Black & White

14th Sep '10 - 12:00am
Black & White

When a journalist friend of Cal Lightman is cuddled, the investigation tests his relationship with the FBI; Emily's interest in dating makes Cal uncomfortable.

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