Series 1, Episode 2 Summary

The day after Litvinenko's passing, radiation teams swarm across London to secure potentially contaminated sites visited by the Russian spy. Officers discover traces of Polonium at Itsu, a sushi restaurant where Litvinenko met Mario Scaramella before a later encounter with Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun at the Millennium Hotel, which has also tested positive for Polonium. Eliminating Scaramella from their enquiries, Timmons realises Lugovoy and Kovtun are their main suspects and resolves to send a team to Moscow to interview them directly. Now living in an apartment owned by Boris Berezovsky, Marina receives a chilling phone call from

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Litvinenko Show Summary

Four-part drama based on the true story of the police investigation into the poisoning of the former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko. In November 2006, Litvinenko, a former KGB officer, lies dying in a London hospital - poisoned by a mysterious radioactive substance. As police are summoned to take his statement, Litvinenko points his finger directly at the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

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