Lodge 49
Season 1

s01e01 / As Above, So Below

7th Aug '18 - 12:00am
As Above, So Below

Dud is deposited by fate at the doorstep of Lodge 49, a fraternal order which offers cheap beer and strange alchemical philosophies.

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s01e02 / Moments of Truth in Service

14th Aug '18 - 2:00am
Moments of Truth in Service

Dud becomes acquainted with the Lodge. Ernie battles with his fellow Lynx.

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s01e03 / Corpus

21st Aug '18 - 2:00am

Liz and Dud hold a memorial for their father. Ernie and Connie spend the weekend together.

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s01e04 / Sunday

28th Aug '18 - 2:00am

Dud and Ernie venture out on a mission in the kingdom of Long Beach. Liz spends her day off at work.

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s01e05 / Paradise

4th Sep '18 - 2:00am

Dud's new relationship goes well. Ernie prepares for the Sovereign Protector ceremony.

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s01e06 / The Mysteries

11th Sep '18 - 2:00am
The Mysteries

Larry divulges the secrets of the Lodge to Ernie, while Dud makes an unusual discovery.

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s01e07 / The Solemn Duty of the Squire

18th Sep '18 - 2:00am
The Solemn Duty of the Squire

A new visitor arrives at the Lodge with some troubling news.

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s01e08 / Something from Nothing

25th Sep '18 - 2:00am
Something from Nothing

Dud and Ernie accompany Captain on a journey into the night. Liz attempts to climb the corporate ladder.

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s01e09 / Apogee

2nd Oct '18 - 2:00am

Band Night at the Lodge. Dud and Ernie are eager to close a deal with Captain, but all may not be what it seems.

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s01e10 / Full Fathom Five

9th Oct '18 - 2:00am
Full Fathom Five

The Lodge's fate hangs in limbo. Dud resigns himself to a new path. Liz reaches her breaking point.

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