Don't Tug on Superman's Cape Summary

Lois and Clark decide to forget the word "marriage", at least for the time. One of the richest couples of Metropolis has a plan to capture and add Superman to their collection of treasures. They capture Lois to get Superman. In the cage, Lois and Clark begin to talk, and the conversation makes them start to lose their fears about marriage.

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Lois & Clark Show Summary

On May 17, 1966, Jonathan and Martha Kent witness the crash-landing of a small spaceship in Shuster's Field outside of Smallville, Kansas. When they investigate, they discover the baby Kal-El and decide to raise him as their own, naming him "Clark Jerome Kent".

Clark moves to Metropolis and interviews for a job at the Daily Planet under editor Perry White. Clark becomes acquainted with photographer Jimmy Olsen and gossip columnist Cat Grant. Soon after being hired, Clark is partnered with star reporter Lois Lane. Clark falls in love with Lois at first sight, but she considers him to be little more than a rookie slowing her down. When Superman saves her from a space shuttle disaster, Lois instantly becomes infatuated with Clark's alter-ego.

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