Lopez vs. Lopez
Season 2

s02e01 / Lopez vs Sobriety

3rd Apr '24 - 12:00am
Lopez vs Sobriety Summary

Mayan discovers that sobriety hasn't made George any less annoying when he challenges the family to give up their own addictions. His new sponsor, Iggy, shows the Lopezes that sobriety is no piece of cake.

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s02e02 / Lopez vs Moving On

3rd Apr '24 - 12:30am
Lopez vs Moving On Summary

When Mayan loses her job, she goes to work for George and discovers there's nothing easy about working for Lop-EZ Movers. Rosie gives Quinten a loan that comes with a whole lot of terms and conditions.

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s02e03 / Lopez vs Swap Meet

10th Apr '24 - 12:00am
Lopez vs Swap Meet Summary

When Quinten misses out on a promotion at the Apple Store for being too soft, George and Oscar take him to the swap meet to teach him how to get hard. A leopard-print-loving Rosie finds out that Mayan thinks she's tacky.

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s02e04 / Lopez vs Pizza

10th Apr '24 - 12:30am
Lopez vs Pizza Summary

The stress of Mayan and Quinten's new jobs leads to an unexpected amount of conflict and pizza. George and Rosie find a way to benefit from the mayhem.

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s02e05 / Lopez vs Let It Go

17th Apr '24 - 12:00am
Lopez vs Let It Go Summary

George joins a meditation group led by Carlos the Curandero, a spiritual healer whose mantra is "let it go", however, Mayan worries her dad is letting go of too much, including their living room furniture. A burnout threatens to move next door.

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s02e06 / Lopez vs Raider Nation

17th Apr '24 - 12:30am
Lopez vs Raider Nation Summary

As part of Alcoholics Anonymous, George makes amends with everyone except Oscar, who seeks an apology at a football game, but a run-in with Marshawn Lynch fumbles the plan. Mayan and Quinten try to spark Rosie's love life but end up getting burned.

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s02e07 / Lopez vs Dreams

24th Apr '24 - 12:00am
Lopez vs Dreams Summary

When George's vivid dreams reveal he has feelings for Rosie, he avoids sleeping and gets distracted at work. When Chance tests at a genius-level IQ, Mayan and Quinten fear that they're a couple of dum-dums.

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s02e08 / Lopez vs Lisa

24th Apr '24 - 12:30am
Lopez vs Lisa Summary

Mayan worries when George gets into a hairy situation dating a hot hairdresser. Josué gets locked into a competition with the other man in Rosie's life: her grandson, Chance.

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s02e09 / Lopez vs Confessions

1st May '24 - 12:00am
Lopez vs Confessions Summary

George thinks Rosie's fiancé might be hiding an unholy secret, so he goes undercover to get him to confess and expose the truth. With wedding bells in the air, Chance puts pressure on Mayan and Quinten about why they're not married.

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s02e10 / Lopez vs George

1st May '24 - 12:30am
Lopez vs George Summary

Secrets rain down on the Lopez clan like candy from an exploding piñata when Mayan invites her therapist, Dr. Glenda Brenda, to mediate some family drama at Rosie's engagement party.

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