Season 1, Episode 1 Summary

Darren Tracey (Robert Sheehan) returns to Dublin from Spain, spending time there while trying to avoid the Police in Ireland for gun possession. Robbie (Darren's brother) is released from Cloverhill prison. While waiting to be collected by Tommy, Robbie is shot outside a Newsagents in a drive by shooting. Darren rings Tommy to see what his delay is, which he covers up since he is sleeping with Darren and Robbie's sister Mary at the time. He is too late to meet with Robbie and on his arrival Robbie is dead. Nidge (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) is Robbie's closest friend who has just purchased a gun and is currently learning how to use the weapon via a "You Tube" video. Darren is soon re-arrested but Gang boss John Boy Power (Aidan Gillen) pays for a Solicitor to bail Darren out of his gun charges, which are thrown out of court on a technicality. Darren's ex-girlfriend, Rose (Ruth Negga), is now pregnant with Stumpy's baby.

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Love/Hate Show Summary

He skipped Dublin when a gun was found in his house and he's been living for the past year in Spain but Darren Tracey decides to risk it and come back to Dublin. He's homesick and a party for his brother's release from prison is the perfect excuse. It's only for the weekend but sometimes life is full of surprises - especially if you and your friends are in gangland. When one of the gang is killed, suspicion runs rife and thoughts turn to revenge.

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