Season 1, Episode 2 Summary

Mary Tracey gets advice from a physic who tells her Robbie trying to get free from his past, which he insists is often the case with deaths involving violence. Darren isn't impressed by his sister's belief in the what the physic is telling her and is quick to confront the physic, telling him that if he doesn't tell her that Robbie has moved on that he will be around again. John Boy is up in court and has organised the collection of drugs from Dublin Port by the rest of the gang. Tommy and Darren check out the warehouse were they are to sort out the drugs. Darren is quick to realize that the Gardaí are watching the warehouse. He calls John Boy to inform him that changes have to be made. Nidge has gone to collect the shipment, he is told to continue driving until a new place is found. Tommy finds a place from an old friend (JP) whose father has a car dealership, he asks him for the use of the garage for a half an hour. There the gang sort out all of the drugs into other bags to be distributed to other drug dealers around the city. Darren and Ruth plan to meet up in secret to discuss their relationship, while the rest of the gang are at John Boy's party at his apartment. John Boy tries to convince JP to use his father's dealership again. Nidge proposes to Trish. Darren stalks Jimmy Byrne whom he believes killed his brother Robbie.

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Love/Hate Show Summary

He skipped Dublin when a gun was found in his house and he's been living for the past year in Spain but Darren Tracey decides to risk it and come back to Dublin. He's homesick and a party for his brother's release from prison is the perfect excuse. It's only for the weekend but sometimes life is full of surprises - especially if you and your friends are in gangland. When one of the gang is killed, suspicion runs rife and thoughts turn to revenge.

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