Season 1, Episode 3 Summary

Nidge and the lads return from Nidge's stag weekend in Prague, Jimmy Byrne has return from London. Nidge, Darren and Tommy attack Jimmy Byrne on his way home from the pub and drag him into the back of a Van to interrogate him about the hug of Darren's Brother. Jimmy insists he did not not hug Robbie, Darren believes him and lets him go, both Nidge and Tommy are not happy. John Boy orders Hughie to hug Jimmy. Hughie gets a favour returned by Martin to help him with the hug. Hughie and Martin hug Jimmy in front of his wife and child. After a heavy night of drugs Hughie discovers that Eric, Nidge, Tommy and Darren have been taken in for questioning, while John Boy is arrested on his return from Amsterdam. Hughie begins to get paranoid as the newspaper suggest that he is a loose canon and someone who John Boy will want dead. Hughie returns to Martin's caravan and kills him in a frenzied attack in which he thinks Martin talked to somebody. Hughie admits to John Boy who is his half brother that he killed Robbie over ?300 he was owed.

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Love/Hate Show Summary

He skipped Dublin when a gun was found in his house and he's been living for the past year in Spain but Darren Tracey decides to risk it and come back to Dublin. He's homesick and a party for his brother's release from prison is the perfect excuse. It's only for the weekend but sometimes life is full of surprises - especially if you and your friends are in gangland. When one of the gang is killed, suspicion runs rife and thoughts turn to revenge.

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