Love, Victor
Season 3

s03e01 / It's You

16th Jun '22 - 3:59am
It's You

Victor makes his choice between Benji and Rahim.. Mia and Andrew reunite with her estranged mother to get answers. Felix and Pilar begin their new romance, while Lake and Lucy spend the night getting closer.

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s03e02 / Fast Times at Creekwood High

17th Jun '22 - 3:59am
Fast Times at Creekwood High

Victor tries to mend the fallout from his love triangle. Mia throws a party to take her mind off the fact that she might be moving. Felix and Lake achieve closure from their breakup. Isabel finally attends a PFLAG meeting, which doesn't go as planned.

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s03e03 / The Setup

18th Jun '22 - 3:59am
The Setup

Victor's parents introduce him to a gay-friendly church and an exciting new friend. Mia questions how she fits into Lake's new relationship. Felix learns that his mom is starting to date. A new secret of Benji's causes friction between him and Rahim.

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s03e04 / You Up?

19th Jun '22 - 3:59am
You Up?

Victor is enjoying the steaminess of his relationship until an unforeseen complication makes him reconsider. Lake pawns Mia off on Georgina for the day. Armando catches Pilar and Felix canoodling. Rahim begins to tutor Benji.

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s03e05 / Lucas and Diego

20th Jun '22 - 3:59am
Lucas and Diego

Coming Soon...

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s03e06 / Agent Of Chaos

21st Jun '22 - 3:59am
Agent Of Chaos

Coming Soon...

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s03e07 / The Gay Award

22nd Jun '22 - 3:59am
The Gay Award

Coming Soon...

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s03e08 / Brave

23rd Jun '22 - 3:59am

Coming Soon...

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