Man Down
Season 1

s01e01 / It Never Rains...

18th Oct '13 - 10:00pm
It Never Rains...

Dan has lost his trousers and is in danger of losing his girlfriend. He hates his job, his dad is out to get him, his friends can't help him and there's a tailor on the warpath.

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s01e02 / Mad Nobby

25th Oct '13 - 10:00pm
Mad Nobby

Dan has lost his girlfriend but, with help from his two best friends, he has a plan to get her back involving two bags of mince and a welder called Mad Nobby... what could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, his dad hits him with his most devious and sick prank yet.

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s01e03 / Desperate Dan

1st Nov '13 - 10:00pm
Desperate Dan

Dan, unlike his ex-girlfriend Naomi, isn't invited to his niece's birthday party. Desperate to impress her he manages to persuade the family that he can be trusted with one of the big jobs to get the party ready.

Will his dad get to joyfully bathe in his son's failure yet again, or will Dan actually manage to pull it off?.

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s01e04 / Guru

8th Nov '13 - 10:00pm

Brian introduces Dan to a guru with a secret, so unbelievably powerful, that he can only tell it to one person at a time - although it's another incredible attribute that keeps Dan completely mesmerised.

Unexpected visitors in the classroom and the most extreme of wake-up calls from his dad also stand in the way of this man getting his life back on track.

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s01e05 / Dad's Past

15th Nov '13 - 10:00pm
Dad's Past

Although still haunted, literally, by the ghost of his ex girlfriend, Dan ends up unexpectedly preparing for a date, with a little help from Brian. Meanwhile his dad offers him a terrifying insight into his own romantic past.

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s01e06 / Small Business Awards

22nd Nov '13 - 10:00pm
Small Business Awards

Brian finds himself nominated for a Small Business Award and Dan must quickly find a tuxedo and a date to impress his ex. Will Dan's dad or his mate Jo help him in his hour of need?

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s01e07 / Christmas Special 2013

25th Dec '13 - 10:00pm
Christmas Special 2013

'Scrooge 3000', a festive school play set in space, and a terrifying yuletide tradition, unsurprisingly courtesy of his psychotic dad, are just two of the Christmas challenges which risk reducing Dan's life to a crumbling mess.

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