Manhunt (US)
Season 2

s02e01 / Centbom

4th Feb '20 - 3:00am

Security guard Richard Jewell saves hundreds of lives when he discovers a bomb at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. But his heroic act quickly comes under the scrutiny of law enforcement as pressure mounts to catch the hugger.

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s02e02 / Unabubba

5th Feb '20 - 3:00am

When the media gets wind of the FBI's "hero-bomber" theory, a media firestorm erupts, engulfing Richard and his family. Meanwhile, ATF agents raise doubts as bombings continue.

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s02e03 / Bombingham

6th Feb '20 - 3:00am

While Richard fights back against the FBI and the media, ATF Agent Embry investigates a serial bomber terrorizing the Southeast and discovers a crucial link to the Olympic bomb.

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s02e04 / Run Rudolph Run

7th Feb '20 - 3:00am
Run Rudolph Run

The FBI identifies serial bomber Eric Rudolph and gives chase, but Eric escapes into the forest. Richard and Watson discover powerful evidence that could exonerate Richard and contemplate turning to the press for help.

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s02e05 / Land of the Noonday Sun

8th Feb '20 - 3:00am
Land of the Noonday Sun

The FBI search for Eric spins out of control as anti-government locals and Eric's family push back. Meanwhile, Richard must confront his inner demons as he prepares for a pivotal press conference.

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s02e06 / Army of God

9th Feb '20 - 3:00am
Army of God

Viewing him as a freedom fighter under siege, local militias rally around Eric and attack the FBI. As Embry continues to investigate, he learns that Eric is not who he claims to be.

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s02e07 / Eric

10th Feb '20 - 3:00am

Eric manipulates locals, militia, and FBI alike as he plans a major counterattack. Meanwhile, Richard appears on "60 Minutes" in a high-stakes gamble to save his reputation once and for all.

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s02e08 / Join or Die

11th Feb '20 - 3:00am
Join or Die

FBI agent Brennan realizes he needs to change course radically to catch Eric and allies with Embry to do so. In Atlanta, Kathy Scruggs comes face to face with Richard for the first time ever.

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s02e09 / Don't Tread on Me

12th Feb '20 - 3:00am
Don't Tread on Me

Risking everything, Brennan and Embry appeal to a powerful local militia leader with the truth about Eric, and a call for unity and moral courage.

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s02e10 / Open Season

13th Feb '20 - 3:00am
Open Season

Eric, starving and bereft of allies, is finally captured. But as his day in court-and Richard's exoneration-approaches, he has another dangerous secret in store for law enforcement.

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