Paranoid Summary

Now in Asgard, the Avengers and Valkyrie meet up with Thor who just returned from the Galactic Council where they plan to stop the Darkhawk invasion. After a fight with the Destroyer, the Guardians of the Galaxy are imprisoned along with Thor and Loki for disobeying Odin's laws while Heimdall and Valkyrie are reassigned to guard Odin's chambers. During this time, it is revealed that the Darkhawks were created by Odin's brother Serpent in an earlier plot to conquer Asgard. The Guardians begin accusing one another of being Darkhawks, unaware that they brought along a robot duplicate of Rocket.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Season 3 Episodes...

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Show Summary

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy features themes of redemption and the importance of friendships and family told through a series of riveting sequential story arcs. The series follows the newly-formed team who finds a strange artifact keyed only to the DNA of Peter Quill. Upon opening it, Quill unleashes a treasure map leading to a powerful weapon known as the Cosmic Seed which is capable of giving birth to the next universe.

It's up to the Guardians to find, protect and ultimately destroy the Cosmic Seed in order to keep it out of the hands of those who would abuse its power, from galactic big boss Thanos, to the conniving brothers the Collector and the Grandmaster, to a resurrected Ronan, to the ultimate trickster, Loki, in order to save the universe.

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