MasterChef Junior
Season 1

s01e01 / Junior Edition: Here Come the Kids

28th Sep '13 - 12:00am
Junior Edition: Here Come the Kids

On the new "Junior Edition" of MASTERCHEF, 24 of the best junior home cooks in the country between the ages of eight and 13 will create their tastiest seafood, pasta or dessert dish in the auditions round and present it to the renowned MASTERCHEF judging panel: host and award-winning Chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur and winemaker Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot. 12 kids who impress the judges will continue in the competition and move one step closer to becoming America's youngest MASTERCHEF

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s01e02 / Junior Edition: School's Out... But the Masterchef Kitchen Is Open!

5th Oct '13 - 12:00am
Junior Edition: School's Out... But the Masterchef Kitchen Is Open!

The Top 12 junior home cooks compete in the season's first mystery box challenge and must create an impressive dish using only the mystery ingredients. Later, the judges task the kids to each create an elevated, restaurant-quality burger in only 60 minutes. Find out which kids made the most delicious burger and advance to the next round.

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s01e03 / Junior Edition: Whip It

12th Oct '13 - 12:00am
Junior Edition: Whip It

The cooks test the stiffness of their hand-whipped cream by holding the bowls upside down over the judges' heads; beef Wellington challenge.

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s01e04 / Junior Edition: Bad Food Bares

19th Oct '13 - 12:00am
Junior Edition: Bad Food Bares

In the next mystery box challenge, the junior home cooks must create a dish using "food kids hate", including liver, sardines and blue cheese. The winner of the challenge earns a sweet advantage in the next round. Later, in the elimination round, the kids have 90 minutes to create an impressive layer cake with at least three layers. Find out which desserts impressed the judges.

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s01e05 / Junior Edition: Restaurant Takeovers

26th Oct '13 - 12:00am
Junior Edition: Restaurant Takeovers

In the first-ever MASTERCHEF field challenge, the remaining six kids split into two teams to take over the kitchen at a fine-dining restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The two teams have limited time to prep, cook and serve a three-course meal for a packed room of diners, who are unaware that pint-size cooks are preparing their meal. The judges will determine the winning team based on their performance in the kitchen, as well as the diners' and head chef's feedback. Find out which contestants impress the most.

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s01e06 / Junior Edition: Finale, Part 1

2nd Nov '13 - 12:00am
Junior Edition: Finale, Part 1

In Part One of the season finale, the Top Four junior home cooks will prepare one amazing dish highlighting the main ingredient: chicken. The two contestants with the most impressive dish will earn a coveted spot in the final two, moving one step closer to earning the MASTERCHEF trophy and a 0,000 prize.

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s01e07 / Junior Edition: Finale, Part 2

9th Nov '13 - 1:00am
Junior Edition: Finale, Part 2

In Part Two of the season finale, the Top Two finalists will compete head-to-head and prepare the most important three-course menu of their lives. Find out which talented junior home cook will earn the MASTERCHEF trophy and a 0,000 prize.

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