Cinammon Roll-er Coaster (Top 20) Summary

The remaining 20 home cooks face their first team challenge of the season at an amusement park. Once teams are decided, each team is tasked with creating its version of an amusement park burger and fish & chips dish for thousands of amusement park guests. The winning team is safe from elimination, while the losing team has to face the first pressure test of the season, during which the home cooks make 12 cinnamon rolls.

Masterchef (US) Season 6 Episodes...

Masterchef (US) Show Summary

Now one of the world's most acclaimed chefs, GORDON RAMSAY, is giving you the opportunity to become a "MasterChef"!

"MasterChef" is a show that celebrates great people who make great food. The show will give contestants the opportunity to develop their cooking skills while being encouraged, mentored and celebrated by the industry's best!

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