Max Steel
Season 1

s01e01 / Come Together: Part One

25th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Come Together: Part One

When Max moves to a new town, he discovers he can release a powerful energy called Turbo Energy (That just so happens to be the substance a villain is looking for). He is then found by his Uncle Ferrus, who is part of a secret program, who tells Max his father Jim and a person named Miles Dredd also worked there before their deaths from an explosion in the lab. The last thing Max's dad worked on was an old machine, but it doesn't work anymore. But then Max reactivates it with his Turbo Energy, and the alien known as Steel morphs with Max, now allowing him to access his alter ego, Max Steel. Meanwhile the villain's minion sends out a fire elementor to capture Max, and the episode ends with Max being thrown off a cliff by him.

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s01e02 / Come Together: Part Two

26th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Come Together: Part Two

Uncle Ferrus saves Max from falling by catching him in his plane. Inside Steel dampens Max's TURBO energy, making sure the villains can't trace him. Max then goes home, and hides his newfound ability from his mom. Meanwhile his mom infiltrates the enemy's headquarters, gathering DATA and then calls Ferrus to meet with her and talk about what she saw. At school Max returns Sydney's phone (He accidentally took hers and she took his in the previous episode), and then goes to N-Tek to train against robots, not only using his Strength mode, but unlocking his flight mode. He is then called by Sydney to go on a date. While there he leaves Steel in the boy's bathroom so he may talk to Sydney alone. He tells her he really likes her, and just as they're about to kiss, A Fire Elementor and an Earth Elementor show up to capture Max. Uncle Ferrus and his mom picks him up, and Ferrus explains taking off Steel allowed his TURBO energy to be traceable. Steel catches up, and Max and him fight the elementors, Ferrus and his mom also fighting using laser guns. Max throws Steel, allowing him to beat the Fire Elementor, but then the Elementor falls and crushes Steel. Finally Max, Ferrus and Molly (Max's mom) are knocked out, and an Elementor takes Max while Steel is shown yelling Max's name. The episode ends with Miles Dredd holding Max captive in his headquarters and draining Max of his TURBO energy.

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s01e03 / Come Together: Part Three

27th Mar '13 - 8:00pm
Come Together: Part Three

Miles Dredd continues to hold Max captive, and Molly, Uncle Ferrus, Steel and N-Tek must save him. Steel flies through an air vent in the enemy's headquarters to find Max. Meanwhile Uncle Ferrus tells Molly if Steel doesn't reconnect with Max in 8 hours, Max's powers will overload and Steel will shut down. Miles reveals to Max that he was behind the explosion that killed Max's father and created a device to absorb TURBO energy, but the explosion permanently connected the device to Miles and damaged the storing function of the device. Max gets angry at this revelation releasing more energy, but Miles again absorbs it. The TURBO energy Miles originally absorbed from the explosion kept him alive for the 16 years until now. Finally Steel saves Max and the two fuse to escape, but Miles captures Steel and Max survives his fall 100 stories. He shuts Steel down, and hooks him up to a machine meant to hug everyone in Copper Canyons so Miles can gain more TURBO power from their devices feeding off each civilian. Soon N-Tek and Max invade the headquarters, faced with robots and Elementors. Max goes looking for Steel, runs into Miles' assistant, who transforms into a cyborg, but Max easily gets rid of him off the elevator. Max then rescues Steel, deactivating the machine and trying to fight Miles, but he just absorbs their attacks. Finally Max has an idea: he and Steel release all the TURBO energy they can, and as they fly to space with Miles, a huge explosion occurs. Molly starts to cry, but then sees Max survived. Reporters arrive at the scene and ask who the hero is, with Max and Steel replying conjointly forming the name "Max Steel". Ferrus asks Molly if they knew their existence was meant to be secret, and has her continue working at THI to sort the mess. In the aftermath of the fight, Miles Dredd is seen floating in space, but his assistant appears in a ship rescuing him, and they return to Earth.

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s01e04 / Cleaning House

6th Apr '13 - 12:30pm
Cleaning House

After trying to do, and experiment to, clean every dirty bit in the planet, Dr. Xander transforms everyone in N-TEK in to a zombie-like creature. He transforms himself into a toxic radioactive creature, Toxzon! Now Max Steel must defeat him to get the serum that would bring cure the zombie-like N-TEK people.

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s01e05 / Secret Identity Crisis

13th Apr '13 - 12:30pm
Secret Identity Crisis

Max must deal with an issue of keeping his secret identity as Max Steel, so Miles Dredd doesn't come after him through his friends and family to siphon his near limitless TURBO energy.

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s01e06 / C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!

20th Apr '13 - 12:30pm
C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!

Max must find out who's behind a rampaging C.Y.T.R.O. before the whole base is destroyed.

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s01e07 / Hard Water

27th Apr '13 - 12:30pm
Hard Water

When a string of unusual water anomalies wreak havoc on Copper Canyon, Max Steel goes behind N-Tek's back to investigate.

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s01e08 / The Thrill of the Hunt

22nd Jun '13 - 12:30pm
The Thrill of the Hunt

N-TEK brings in Max and Steel to the arctic where a starship is found of similar design to the Water Elementor from the previous episode. Steel is the only one who could pass the force field without harm and disables the field for N-TEK to enter the craft. After acquiring what they came for, N-TEK blows the place up. On route to N-TEK HQ, Max Steel uses Flight mode while the ground convoy is sneak attacked by Troy Winter who easily gets the package and proceeds to take it to Miles Dredd. Naught arrives but says no deal when the package, a incomplete and damaged Ultra-Link, is not in working order, but Dredd tells Winter where to find the rest of the package for his full pay: the CEO office at THI. Steel reviews his memories with max and finds out that he is an off-world alien, and question Forge about why he destroyed the starship. Molly holds off Winter, but he still escapes with the component. After a short motorcycle chase, the Fire and Earth Elementors stall Max so Dredd can receive the package. After seeing the power of the Ultra-Link, Winter wants it for himself. The fight with the Elementors ends quickly with Forge's arrival, and the fire Elementor is taken prisoner. When Winter activates a failsafe in the case Dredd placed in case of a betrayal, Winter fuses with the damaged Ultra-Link. Max and Steel are shocked to learn what the package really was, and Winter states that he is now Extroyer.

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s01e09 / Extroyer Unleashed

29th Jun '13 - 12:30pm
Extroyer Unleashed

After a damaged Ultra-link bonds with master criminal Troy Winter who becomes Extroyer, he turned into a being that's able to absorb animal powers just by touching them. So he goes after Miles Dredd for making him like that and comes into contact with Max Steel. After Dredd intercepts Extroyer, he makes him a deal in exchange for delivering Max Steel to Dredd's hands. Max Steel fights Extroyer only to fight out that their battleground was designed by Dredd to siphon as much TURBO energy from Max to create a missile aimed at Copper Canyon. The heroes go to prevent its impact, only to be countered by Extroyer, but they successfully be rid of him and detonate the missile in the Thermosphere. At N-TEK, Steel presses Forge for answers about how many Ultra-Links are really out there, and Forge only answers "millions" which makes both Max and Steel arise more questions than answers. At the bottom of the ocean, Extroyer scans a shark and exclaims that he lives.

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s01e10 / Live by the Sword

6th Jul '13 - 12:30pm
Live by the Sword

Max, Kirby and Sydney go to a flee market and encounter a goon harassing an elderly merchant selling Asian weaponry. As Kirby plays with a Bo staff distracting the goon, the merchant places a sword into Kirby's backpack. The goon then closes the booth and trashes the merchant's materials looking for the sword, which he is under orders to find by Mr. Naught. Naught seeks the cursed sword of Murukami, to become a force to be reckoned with. After Kirby realizes he has the sword, he tries to be rid of it only to see it won't leave his grip whatsoever, and he is possessed by the Ronin spirit in the sword. Muru-Kirby's rampage attracts Max Steel, and Max not willing to fight a friend, chases him through the city as Muru-Kirby destroys whatever gets in his way. The two then duke it out, the sword trashes the armored Steel suit, Max loses the fight, and N-TEK arrives on scene for a report. The merchant from before is found by Berto and he explains the history of the sword: in ancient Japan, a forger created a sword more powerful than anything on Earth, but cursed it to trap the wielder in the blade, Murukami the Ninja. Naught follows Muru-Kirby, captures him, but Muru-Kirby breaks out. Naught and Muru-Kirby battle on the roof of the ship, but they have damaged the craft to cause it to crash, so they move to the roof of the N-TEK aircraft. The N-TEK crew abandon ship while Max pursues Naught and Muru-Kirby, only for Muru-Kirby to put up a massive fight, until CYTRO arrives to back up Max. Berto developed a TURBO Sword for Max to defeat Murukami, so Steel can fuse with the sword as Steel isn't from the Earth, so once the sword is broken Kirby will be free. The plan works and Kirby is freed, and the merchant gives him a foam staff for the whole event. Later, Dredd learns of Naught's plan and "reminds" both him and the goon why they should only be loyal to Dredd.

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s01e11 / Supermania

13th Jul '13 - 12:30pm

Toxzon escapes from his Super-Max prison and seeks vengeance on Max Steel by literally wiping Copper Canyon from the map.

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s01e12 / Uncle Sam Wants You!

20th Jul '13 - 12:30pm
Uncle Sam Wants You!

Max and Steel chase down some bad guys downtown who stole weapons from the Army. One of Max's stun shots misses the bad guy and accidentally hits the army guys who have shown up at the scene. Their intention is not clear yet, but they start firing on Max after one of them yells "shots fired". After Max destroys a few tanks and helicopters, Colonel Castle shows up and orders his people to stop. He acknowledges the whole thing was a misunderstanding and invites Max and Steel back to his base with him. Castel reveals to Max that he knows about N-TEK, himself and about Dread. The General invites Max to join him and says, with his Intel and Max's power they could accomplish much together. Max goes back to N-TEK and tells about his meeting with the General to Cat, Jefferson and Forge. They discourage him from any future visits with Castel and the Army. Naught and a army of robots start destroying downtown for no apparent reason. Max and N-TEK show up on the scene but the Army has already captured Naught and squelched the violence. Forge demands to take custody of Naught and Max tried to calm both him and the Colonel down. Forge backs off after the Colonel asks if Max knows about N-Tek's true mission. Back at the N-Tek, Max tries to get the truth out of Forge, but is unsuccessfully, and goes away hurt and angry. The General calls Max and says he now knows the location of Dread and invites Max to join him in taking him down. Max shows up and finds that the whole thing was a trap to capture him. N-Tek eventually shows up and saves Max & Steel. Steel is still thirsting for knowledge about his past and the episode ends with him looking at the captured Earth Elementor.

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s01e13 / Elements of Surprise: Part One

17th Aug '13 - 12:00pm
Elements of Surprise: Part One

The scene opens up with Max and Steel doing a training session devised by Berto. At the end of it, Max realizes that he needs to improve his speed. Steel goes sneaking off and ends up trying to get answers out of the 3 captured Elementors about who he is and where he comes from. Dredd tells the last and most powerful of them all - Air Elementor the secret location of N-Tek. He shows up and knocks N-Tek and Max around for awhile. Max finally subdues him, but the audience later learns that it was his plan to get captured all along. Forge gets mad at Steel and orders Jefferson to throw him in the brig, but is interrupted by sirens & warning lights in the base. Air Elementor breaks out and than releases Fire, Earth and Water Elementors. Through an accident all four of them merge into one being.

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s01e14 / Elements of Surprise: Part Two

24th Aug '13 - 12:00pm
Elements of Surprise: Part Two

Super Elementor escapes N-Tek and brings the captured Commander Forge to Dredd. Super Elementor has a hard time controlling his body, as he is fighting with all the Elementors for control. Dredd is able to get the location of some kind of devise hidden at a Dam near N-Tek and sends Ultra Elementor there. Steel creates a new super speed mode for Max and together they are able to hold off Hyper Elementor. Meanwhile Forge escapes Dredd and hooks up with Cat, Jefferson and Berto. Max Steel and Super Elementor battle it out in the air and Max Steel win the day while Super Elementor escapes. The episode closes with Steel disclosing to Max that he may finally have all the pieces to the N-Tek's secret agenda puzzle.

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s01e15 / Driven

31st Aug '13 - 12:00pm

Extroyer's Henchmens steal a package from a science lab and then park their car in a place where they sell preowned cars by accident. The next morning Max and Kirby buy the car and Extroyer's Henchmens start searching for the car. Berto turns the car into a Turbo Car and Extroyer's Henchmens kidnap Sydney. Max follows them while the old man that was checking how well Max can drive fell asleep. Max and Steel get Ultra-Linked and then they enter Extroyer's secret hideout and then Extroyer knocks Max Steel out.

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s01e16 / The Truth Hurts

21st Sep '13 - 12:00pm
The Truth Hurts

When Max tells Sydney that his secret identity is Max Steel, his worst fears come to pass as she gets mixed up in one of his adventures with none other than Elementor!

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s01e17 / The Secret Admirer

28th Sep '13 - 12:00pm
The Secret Admirer

When a strange virus starts infecting Copper Canyon citizens, Max does some digging and discovers that Toxzon is behind it all and must spring into action when he discovers his mom is the prime target.

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s01e18 / Scrambled

5th Oct '13 - 12:00pm

Steel separates from Max in search of Extroyer who has an UltraLink planted inside him. The investigation goes awry when Extroyer scrambles Steel's circuits causing him to malfunction.

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s01e19 / X Marks the Spot

12th Oct '13 - 12:00pm
X Marks the Spot

When Max and Steel go on a road trip in search of answers about N-Tek's true mission, they end up finding Naught and Dredd instead.

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s01e20 / Gone Fishin'

19th Oct '13 - 12:00pm
Gone Fishin'

When Toxzon's pet plastic goldfish goes missing he holds the world hostage by poisoning all the oceans until Fishy is found.

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s01e21 / Making the Grade

26th Oct '13 - 12:00pm
Making the Grade

Due to his super hero duties as of late, Max has been failing school. His teacher while rummaging through his bag in search of his science project one of his teachers stumbles upon Steel. Initially planning to get Steel back Max realizes that the accidental deception is his only hope of a passing grade, passing with flying colors when the teacher is led to believe it's a electronic shoe warmer. The next day Extroyer learns of the Ultra-Link on display at the school and buys it, inspired by their last encounter Extroyer has created a device to 'unleash all of his powers at once.' Max calls in N-Tek to help stage a rescue mission and faces off against a monstrous chimeric fusion of Extroyer with all of his animal forms. After narrowly retrieving Steel in time Max is able to force Extroyer to surrender, escaping at the last moment by setting the adapter to self destruct. Back at school Max decides to make a honest attempt at a science project, while not looking as impressive as Steel the teacher decides to pass Max any way.

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s01e22 / Split Decisions

2nd Nov '13 - 12:00pm
Split Decisions

When the Elementors can't stop arguing with themselves, they settle their differences by splitting up and hunting for Max Steel.

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s01e23 / Pick Your Poison

9th Nov '13 - 1:00pm
Pick Your Poison

When N-Tek decides that they need assistance taking down Elementor, they enlist a very unlikely ally- Toxzon to create a toxic formula to defeat him, but Toxzon soon reveals it is actually a poison to mind-control Elementor. Max Steel makes a TURBO Clone Mode to defeat them, making Elementor break free from Toxzon's toxin and pursues after him, angry at him for using him like a pet. At the end, N-Tek says that if Elementor or Toxzon tries to attack their base again they'll be ready.

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s01e24 / Thanks, I Think

16th Nov '13 - 1:00pm
Thanks, I Think

Sydney and Kirby want to help out Max Steel as thanks for all the times he saves the day that they decided to get weapons from N-Tech to take out Extroyer.

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s01e25 / Earth Under Siege: Part One

7th Dec '13 - 1:00pm
Earth Under Siege: Part One

Dredd creates a powerful weapons that will disable N-Tek's shield over the earth making it vunerable to the Makino Invasion; Dredd and The Syndicate attack N-Tek HQ and plan on using the weapons to destroy Copper Canyon. Meanwhile, Ferrus and Molly finally tell Max and Steel the whole truth that Max's father hooked up with Steel and became the first Max Steel so he could help N-Tek stop the other Evil Ultra-Liks from destroying earth so their leader can devour it.

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s01e26 / Earth Under Siege: Part Two

7th Dec '13 - 1:30pm
Earth Under Siege: Part Two

During the attack at N-Tek HQ; Ferrus explains to Max Steel of the upcoming Ultra-Link Invasion and their home leader, Makino. He says there will be more ships coming and that the attack they did was just the beginning, there will be more aliens and beings from outerspace who will come and try to invade earth and prepare for the Invasion.

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