Mike Tyson Mysteries
Season 2

s02e01 / What's That Gnoise?

2nd Nov '15 - 4:30am
What's That Gnoise?

In the season premiere, the gang help a soccer mom who is disturbed by a noise inside her minivan.

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s02e02 / For the Troops

10th Nov '15 - 4:30am
For the Troops

Mike's agent Deezy gets him a gig entertaining armed forces in Afghanistan after Wayne Brady cancelled. While Mike is away, Deezy is left to solve a mystery that arrived at Mike's house.

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s02e03 / She's a Bayniac

16th Nov '15 - 4:30am
She's a Bayniac

The team are hired by a suspicious husband who thinks his wife is having an affair.

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s02e04 / Last Night on Charlie Rose

23rd Nov '15 - 4:30am
Last Night on Charlie Rose

Mike and the team are asked to locate a man who disappeared after appearing on a talk show.

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s02e05 / Old Man of the Mountain

7th Dec '15 - 4:30am
Old Man of the Mountain

Siblings debate whether to put their 96-year old father in a nursing home and ask Mike for advice. When they arrive, they find their father frozen. During his defrosting, Mike's group discovers that the old man has a secret room that revealed that he was a Nazi that was loyal to Adolf Hitler. When the old man thaws out and starts attacking the group, they end up saved by the sudden appearance of a Yeti which eats the old man. The recent events left both groups traumatized except for Pigeon.

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s02e06 / Jason B. Sucks

14th Dec '15 - 4:30am
Jason B. Sucks

Mike Tyson, Yung Hee, Pigeon, and Marquess of Queensberry look for a man named Jason B. who wrote a negative review about the Mike Tyson Mysteries group.

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s02e07 / A Plaintive Wail

21st Dec '15 - 4:30am
A Plaintive Wail

A Boston restaurant owner believes a curse is interfering with her business, and calls in Mike and the Team to investigate.

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s02e08 / Tent Revival

4th Jan '16 - 4:30am
Tent Revival

Mike's house gets termites again causing his group to stay at a hotel. When Yung Hee returns to the tented house to retrieve her cell phone, she finds men in robes attempting to summon the Devil. The men attempt to sacrifice her (revealing that Yung Hee is a virgin, which she insists is by choice). When the Devil is summoned, he is quickly knocked out by Mike and the Devil Worshipers are arrested.

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s02e09 / Greece is the Word

11th Jan '16 - 4:30am
Greece is the Word

The Mystery Team is hired by Los Angeles' City Hall to find the cause of a slowdown at the L.A. Port Authority. After wasting a year and a half spending the money they received up front, Mike is desperate to solve the mystery one day before their deadline. He speeds the Mystery Van off the port attempting to land on the ship. They miss by a long shot and wake up underwater in the city of Atlantis, which is inhabited mainly by Greek thieves and scoundrels. The thieves reveal that they caused the Port slowdown in order to steal electronics from Chinese ships. During a Greek dance sequence, someone throws a plate, which cracks the glass roof of Atlantis. The underwater city floods, the team escapes but leave the Mystery Van behind. After reporting their findings to City Hall, Mike expects City Hall to reimburse him for his lost Mystery Van. The leader of the thieves is shown to have survived as he uses the Mystery Van to raid a beach.

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s02e10 / Ogopogo!

18th Jan '16 - 4:30am

The team receives a request for help from Pigeon's ex-wife Sandra, who is attempting to sell their old lakeside house, but can't because Pigeon never finished signing their divorce papers. The team asks Pigeon to come with them to solve the matter, which he refuses, leading the team to force him to come by putting him in a pet carrier. During their trip, they make stop at a gas station where an aged Native American warns them of "Ogopogo", but Mike chases him off claiming he was just trying to scare tourists. They arrive at the lakehouse only to realize they accidentally brought one of their carrier pigeons instead of Richard (Pigeon). Back at the house, while Richard is trying to pay a prostitute, a picture of his ex-wife falls out of his wallet leading him to decide to confront his problems. When telling the team about their relationship, Richard's ex-wife insists that she isn't a witch but was a deeply religious person, and that God turned Richard into a Pigeon after she prayed to God to show her Richard's true self. Meanwhile when seeing old pictures of Richard and his ex-wife, Yung Hee becomes attracted to Richard, since real human form looked like a male model. When Richard arrives at the house, he has makeup sex with his ex-wife (which Yung Hee secretly watches), leading the two to announce that they're back together. She then calls out to God once again, and gold clouds begin to form in the sky. She asks to be turned into a Pigeon so that they can be together, which Richard immediately objects to, but is successful and she is turned into a Pigeon. She flies into the air in celebration, but is eaten by a large lunging eel-like lake monster Ogopogo.

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s02e11 / Life Is but a Dream

18th Apr '16 - 3:30am
Life Is but a Dream

After the Marquess mistakes a meeting to read a new mystery as an intervention about his drinking problem, the Mystery Team sets out to assist the husband of a woman in a coma. The Marquess says that as a ghost, he can enter her dream-like state, but the others cannot, so Mike kills himself, Yung Hee and Pigeon with poison so they can accompany the Marquess. Their ghosts find the woman, only to learn that in her coma-dream she is having torrid sex with her step-son. The living members of the team are revived by having their stomachs pumped, and the team decides to tell the husband that they could not find his wife, but the woman wakes up and embraces her husband and, with more passion, her step-son.

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s02e12 / Unsolved Situations

25th Apr '16 - 3:30am
Unsolved Situations

The team find out that Snoop Dogg also has a mystery solving crew.

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s02e13 / Losin' It

2nd May '16 - 3:30am
Losin' It

Mike Tyson gets asked by a severely overweight young man to help him lose weight.

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s02e14 / Yves Klein Blues

9th May '16 - 3:30am
Yves Klein Blues

Mike wants a new tracksuit for the summer.

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s02e15 / Unholy Matrimony

16th May '16 - 3:30am
Unholy Matrimony

Mike helps a wealthy family who don't trust the man their youngest daughter is going to marry.

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s02e16 / Mystery For Hire

23rd May '16 - 3:30am
Mystery For Hire

The team is hired by a savings and loans company.

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s02e17 / The Bard's Curse

30th May '16 - 3:30am
The Bard's Curse

Macbeth's curses surfaces and appears to hit a theater director.

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s02e18 / Save Me!

6th Jun '16 - 3:30am
Save Me!

Yung joins a Christian Youth Group.

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s02e19 / The Farmer's Daughter

13th Jun '16 - 3:30am
The Farmer's Daughter

In the half-hour season finale, the Mystery Mobile breaks down in farm country.

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