Miracle Workers
Season 2

s02e01 / Graduation

29th Jan '20 - 3:30am

Alexandra Shitshoveler graduates from school and is ready to make her life successful, but reluctantly follows her father's footsteps and shovels the town's feces as her lifelong occupation. Meanwhile, Prince Chauncley attempts to please his father by fighting battles for the kingdom, but decides at the last minute to instead lead the kingdom by being nicer to the peasants instead of through war.

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s02e02 / Help Wanted

5th Feb '20 - 3:30am
Help Wanted

When Mikey finds Chauncley's pet duck, Chauncley scams him out of it, causing him to feel guilt for the first time. Alexandra is offered a job at the medical center, gaining the respect of her peers, but is forced to become a whistleblower when she realizes the doctor is a complete fraud.

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s02e03 / Road Trip

12th Feb '20 - 3:30am
Road Trip

The invention of the indoor pit toilet threatens Edward's business. Vexler accidentally screws up an important diplomatic mission, but Chauncley takes the blame.

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s02e04 / Internship

19th Feb '20 - 3:30am

Chauncley realizes he has no connection with common workers and asks Vexler to find him a job. He ends up interned to Edward and nearly destroys his business. Mikey falls in with a 'merry band', who turn out to be a gang that robs his house.

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s02e05 / Holiday

26th Feb '20 - 3:30am

The kingdom celebrates Harvest Day. Alexandra gets into a fight with her uncle over politics. Chauncley attempts to organize a family game night with his extended family, culminating in a bloodbath.

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s02e06 / Music Festival

4th Mar '20 - 3:30am
Music Festival

Alexandra becomes jealous of Maggie's commitment to work and her new friend. Chauncley organizes a music festival to impress Alexandra, but the star is rude and temperamental.

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s02e07 / Day in Court

11th Mar '20 - 2:30am
Day in Court

After a royal goat eats their garden, Alexandra and her father sue the crown for damages. Vexler files a counter-lawsuit, but Chauncley defuses the situation.

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s02e08 / First Date

18th Mar '20 - 2:30am
First Date

Alexandra is swept off her feet by a handsome astronomer, angering Chauncley, who also has feelings for her. Edward befriends a Druid woman, forcing his friends to confront their prejudices.

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s02e09 / Moving Out Part 1

25th Mar '20 - 2:30am
Moving Out Part 1

Alexandra plans to move to Paris with her astronomer boyfriend, breaking Edward's heart. Chauncley is forced into a political marriage. Chauncley defies his father, causing war to break out, as Alexandra returns home to make sure her family is safe.

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s02e10 / Moving Out Part 2

1st Apr '20 - 2:30am
Moving Out Part 2

With invaders overrunning the village, King Cragnoor flees. Alexandra, Chauncley, and Vexler all have a chance to escape, but elect to stay and save their friends. They drive off the enemy by tricking them into believing the town is stricken with plague. Alexandra and Chauncley head for Paris, leaving Vexler with the throne.

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