Miss Scarlet and the Duke
Season 1

s01e01 / Inheritance

31st Mar '20 - 9:00pm

When Eliza Scarlett's father dies suddenly, she's faced with a stark choice. Accept the fact she is now penniless or take on and run her dad's detective business, but can she succeed against all the odds in this male-dominated world?

Going against the wishes of everyone around her, including family friend Inspector Wellington, aka 'the Duke', she opts for the latter and, along the way, enlists the skills of Moses an infamous Jamaican crook.

In her first ever assignment, Eliza is hired by a male client trying to find his 'long lost niece'.

Something about this missing person doesn't quite add up but, with so much to prove, can Eliza crack the case and prove her doubters wrong?

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s01e02 / The Woman in Red

7th Apr '20 - 9:00pm
The Woman in Red

As London's only female detective, Eliza is struggling to get work. Desperate for money, she takes a seemingly impossible case; proving the innocence of a man found at a hug scene with a bloodied knife in his hand who has pleaded guilty.

Eliza is hired by the man's wife to save him from the hangman's noose but, along the way, Eliza clashes with Duke who is inundated with other crimes.

Relying on his instincts as a veteran copper, he sees this as an open and shut case, so why rock the boat when there are more deserving investigations to pursue?

With her father's business on the line, can Miss Scarlet unravel this perplexing mystery and win the Duke's respect along the way?

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s01e03 / Deeds Not Words

14th Apr '20 - 9:00pm
Deeds Not Words

Eliza is hired to go undercover and infiltrate a potentially disruptive gang, but is less delighted when she learns she will be spying on a group of suffragettes campaigning for the vote.

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s01e04 / Memento Mori

21st Apr '20 - 9:00pm
Memento Mori

Eliza finds herself contacted by a 'Death Photographer', James Henderson, who is receiving bizarre and threatening messages from beyond the grave. Decidedly spooked, he turns to the Scarlet Detective Agency for help.

Immersed in the dark world of the deceased, Eliza's thoughts turn to her own late father, Henry. When she chances upon his old casebook, she starts to questions the events that led up to his death.

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s01e05 / Cell 99

28th Apr '20 - 9:00pm
Cell 99

When recently investigating a mystery rooted in Victorian London's fascination with the dead, Eliza Scarlet had discovered her own recently deceased father's lost casebook. With Henry Scarlet's book throwing up some puzzling questions, Eliza looks more closely into how he died. Was it really natural causes as was determined at the time? The final entry in the casebook takes Eliza to an abandoned prison on the outskirts of London. She and Duke investigate what seems like an empty building, but they soon discover that it is the hideout for a criminal gang. But how is this gang linked to Henry Scarlet? With her resolve to solve this most personal of cases growing, is Eliza really ready for the terrible secret that is about to be uncovered?.

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s01e06 / The Case of Henry Scarlet

5th May '20 - 9:00pm
The Case of Henry Scarlet

Eliza is desperately trying to get to the bottom of the death of her detective father, Henry. Presumed to have died from a heart attack, Eliza has discovered things aren't what they seem and, with time running out, she has to piece together a perplexing puzzle. Adding to the mystery is the fact that Moses, the notorious Jamaican crook she's often turned to for help, appears to be involved somehow. He has lots of criminal connections, which surely make him a prime suspect. But, as she goes deeper into the investigation, she discovers that the world isn't so black and white - who is on the right side of the law and who is on the wrong side isn't always as it appears. Of all the cases she's investigated since taking over her father's detective business, this is the one with the highest stakes!

637 have watched this episode
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