01 /  The Pee Pee Guy

26th Sep '18 - 3:25am
The Pee Pee Guy

A business associate falls from grace, while Ray takes the fall for a mate. A chance meeting in the park and a new apprentice.


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02 /  Unicorns Know Everybody's Name

26th Sep '18 - 3:55am
Unicorns Know Everybody's Name

The wrong guy gets the good news and Unicorns do exist. The first of a thousand kisses and good ole revenge.


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03 /  Captain Obvious

3rd Oct '18 - 3:25am
Captain Obvious

Anger mismanagement and no such thing as Jesus. If you can't hug your own brother-in-law, who can?


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04 /  On Behalf Of Society

3rd Oct '18 - 3:55am
On Behalf Of Society

Ray doesn't like surprises, sit downs, sandwiches, or assholes. Brittany asks tough questions, while Ray hands out trouble to those that seek it.


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05 /  Hard Worker

10th Oct '18 - 3:25am
Hard Worker

People are not always what they appear to be and a good strong name is important. It's also important to lock your car when you leave it.


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06 /  Your Mum's Got A Strongbox

10th Oct '18 - 3:55am
Your Mum's Got A Strongbox

A nutritious breakfast is the key to good health. As is looking in the trunk before you steal a car. People say they do but does anybody really like surprises?


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