Music City
Season 2

s02e01 / New Chances, New Choices

4th Jan '19 - 3:00am
New Chances, New Choices

Jessica's engaged! Kerry makes a decision behind Rachyl's back, compelling her to reconnect with an old flame. Jackson has fallen for a new girl but will she be a distraction to his cousin winning Miss USA? Alisa suspects that Bryant cheated.

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s02e02 / Playing With Fire

4th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Playing With Fire

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s02e03 / Pity Party

11th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Pity Party

Kerry returns home from being on the road with his new publicist to find that Rachyl has been spending time with another man. Alexandra gets revenge on Jackson for blowing her off and Alisa confronts Bryant's new love interest.

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s02e04 / Marriage, Morals, and a Makeover

11th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Marriage, Morals, and a Makeover

Jackson buys a ring for Baylee, despite his friends and family's concerns. Rachyl bonds with Alexandra in the wake of her fight with Jessica. Bryant gives Alisa a hard time about her lack of musical motivation.

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s02e05 / Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

18th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

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s02e06 / When Life Hands You Lemons

18th Jan '19 - 3:30am
When Life Hands You Lemons

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s02e07 / Team Stripper

25th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Team Stripper

Rachyl makes a bad call for Jessica's Bachelorette Party. Alexandra throws Jackson under the bus with Baylee. Alisa wants to record a song with Luke but Bryant may stand in her way.

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s02e08 / Between A Little Rock and a Hard Place

25th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Between A Little Rock and a Hard Place

The cast arrives in Little Rock, Ark., for Jessica's wedding weekend. Jackson's spiraling continues, while Kerry finally learns Rachyl's secret.

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s02e09 / Til Death Do Us Part?

1st Feb '19 - 3:00am
Til Death Do Us Part?

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s02e10 / The Aftermath

1st Feb '19 - 3:30am
The Aftermath

Coming Soon...

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