My Name Is Earl
Season 4

s04e01 / The Magic Hour

26th Sep '08 - 12:00am
The Magic Hour

Joy's latest con reminds Earl of a wish he stole from a dying child named Buddy, so ten years after that, he visits the kid's mother, only to find out that Buddy is very much alive. Buddy has the vision of a movie, and he wants Earl to help him produce it.

1967 have watched this episode

s04e02 / Monkeys Take a Bath

26th Sep '08 - 12:00am
Monkeys Take a Bath

Earl takes on #87 on his list, "chased away Mum and Dad's friends", so he and Randy visit their parents to bring back their old friends. Soon they realize that back then a lot more was going on than children's eyes can see.

1967 have watched this episode

s04e03 / Joy in a Bubble

3rd Oct '08 - 12:00am
Joy in a Bubble

Earl gets a hot tub for Joy from a dubious source, and in return, Joy gets a toe infection from it, confining her to her home. Earl has to take over Joy's role and do all the things she would normally do, which gives him some revelations about the Turners and his kids.

1968 have watched this episode

s04e04 / Stole an RV

3rd Oct '08 - 12:00am
Stole an RV

Earl wants to make up for a stolen and destroyed RV from a war veteran, while Joy hunts for the legend of Pigsquatch.

1968 have watched this episode

s04e05 / Sweet Johnny

10th Oct '08 - 12:00am
Sweet Johnny

Earl wants to make up for sleeping with local stuntman Sweet Johnny's girlfriend, while Joy feels the need to buy a gun.

1967 have watched this episode

s04e06 / We've Got Spirit

17th Oct '08 - 12:00am
We've Got Spirit

Earl is reminded of another list item about Kenny James, specifically keeping him from his dream of cheerleading, so Earl wants to take him to Kimmi Himler's Cheer Academy, but he soon finds out that it was not Kenny who wanted to become a cheerleader, but Randy.

Meanwhile, Joy finds out that Dodge finds Catalina beautiful, so she wants to change her son's mind and perception of "beautiful".

1966 have watched this episode

s04e07 / Quit Your Snitchin'

24th Oct '08 - 12:00am
Quit Your Snitchin'

When Randy's birthday is coming up, Earl gets him a new car, but it is stolen before he can present it to Randy. Apparently, Earl no longer falls under the code of criminals, that no criminal steals from another one. Now that he is treated as a "civilian", he needs to decide whether to take the matter to the police and become a snitch.

1965 have watched this episode

s04e08 / Little Bad Voodoo Brother

31st Oct '08 - 12:00am
Little Bad Voodoo Brother

Earl plans a Halloween party for Dodge and Earl Jr, while Catalina's nephew visits.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e09 / Sold a Guy a Lemon Car

7th Nov '08 - 1:00am
Sold a Guy a Lemon Car

Earl needs to make up for a passed on lemon, while Joy wants to win at a science fair.

1964 have watched this episode

s04e10 / Earl and Joy's Anniversary

14th Nov '08 - 1:00am
Earl and Joy's Anniversary

Earl remembers his first wedding anniversary.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e11 / Nature's Game Show

21st Nov '08 - 1:00am
Nature's Game Show

Earl loses his list when tornadoes blow through Camden County.

1964 have watched this episode

s04e12 / Reading Is A Fundamental Case

5th Dec '08 - 1:00am
Reading Is A Fundamental Case

Earl helps his old friend Raynard who lives in the wild.

1965 have watched this episode

s04e13 / Orphan Earl

12th Dec '08 - 1:00am
Orphan Earl

Earl crosses a conned man off his list for a scam he and Joy started many years ago. Then he finds out that Joy has been continuing the scam behind his back along with some of her friend's.

1964 have watched this episode

s04e14 / Got The Babysitter Pregnant

9th Jan '09 - 1:00am
Got The Babysitter Pregnant

A young Earl gets his heart broken by the babysitter and swears revenge on her and her boyfriend. Now, Earl is older and wiser, so he decides to cross them off his list, but it may have terrible repercussions for Randy. Meanwhile, Joy loses Darnell's pet turtle.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e15 / Darnell Outed

16th Jan '09 - 1:00am
Darnell Outed

Joy steals Randy's audition for Erik Estrada's reality show "Estrada or Nada", but her public appearance has consequences for Darnell.

1964 have watched this episode

s04e16 / Darnell Outed, Part 2

23rd Jan '09 - 1:00am
Darnell Outed, Part 2

In the aftermath of having his cover blown, Darnell must pack up and leave Camden. Meanwhile, Earl, Randy and Catalina discover a devastating truth within the post office.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e17 / Randy's List Item

6th Feb '09 - 1:00am
Randy's List Item

When Randy loses his winning lottery ticket, he assumes the event to be a message from Karma, so he starts a list of his own. Meanwhile, Joy is not happy with her cover identity of the witness protection program.

1965 have watched this episode

s04e18 / Friends With Benefits

13th Feb '09 - 1:00am
Friends With Benefits

When Mr. Turtle returns back to Earl, he wants to bring him back to Darnell. Meanwhile, Joy and Darnell have to adapt to a new lifestyle of their cover identities.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e19 / My Name Is Alias

20th Feb '09 - 1:00am
My Name Is Alias

Danny Glover guest stars as Darnell's father who comes looking for him in Camden only to raise Earl and Randy's suspicions. However, a family reunion leads to father and son partaking in one last undercover mission.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e20 / Chaz Dalton's Space Academy

6th Mar '09 - 1:00am
Chaz Dalton's Space Academy

Earl works on a list item that has to do with Chaz Dalton, his childhood hero. Meanwhile, Darnell tries to help Joy make friends using the internet.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e21 / Witch Lady

20th Mar '09 - 1:00am
Witch Lady

Earl works on a list item that deals with a crazy witch lady. Meanwhile, Joy wants to show Darnell her good side.

1963 have watched this episode

s04e22 / Pinky

27th Mar '09 - 12:00am

Earl helps Randy find his first love, Pinky.

1962 have watched this episode

s04e23 / Bullies

17th Apr '09 - 12:00am

Earl wants to make up for bullying young Wally back at Catholic school, but grown Wally turns out to be a giant. Meanwhile, Randy wants to overcome a bully of his own: Joy.

1961 have watched this episode

s04e24 / Gospel

24th Apr '09 - 12:00am

Earl wants to make up for things he did to a reverend.

1959 have watched this episode

s04e25 / Inside Probe, Part 1

1st May '09 - 12:00am
Inside Probe, Part 1

News show "Inside Probe" investigates the disappearance of the Crab Shack owner. After eight years the show airs on TV, and several Camden residents become hug suspects.

1960 have watched this episode

s04e26 / Inside Probe, Part 2

8th May '09 - 12:00am
Inside Probe, Part 2

The mystery of the disappearance of the former Crab Shack owner is finally resolved.

1960 have watched this episode

s04e27 / Dodge's Dad

15th May '09 - 12:00am
Dodge's Dad

When Dodge tells Joy he doesn't want Darnell to speak at career day, she enlists Earl to pretend to be his father. Things don't go well and Earl realizes Dodge needs to know his real dad. Despite Joy's protests, Earl enlists Randy and Catalina to help him hunt down the deadbeat dad, but what they discover is worse than they could have imagined.

1961 have watched this episode
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