01 /  Endgame

26th Sep '12 - 1:00am

Callen has been placed on suspension and with Hetty's retirement, the team is having difficulty adjustingto their newroles.


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02 /  The Recruit

3rd Oct '12 - 1:00am
The Recruit

A drone strike on a bomb-making compound in Afghanistan reveals the body of a recently retired Marine, leaving the NCIS: LA team to investigate why the Marine returned to Afghanistan and whether or not he betrayed the country he fought for.


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03 /  The Fifth Man

10th Oct '12 - 1:00am
The Fifth Man

The team investigate a compromised intel operation after four people connected to the classified project are killed at a diner explosion. As Deeks and Kensi are on the trail of those involved, they learn that a wayward teenage girl might be related and Kensi can't help but be empathetic to her situation.


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04 /  Dead Body Politic

24th Oct '12 - 1:00am
Dead Body Politic

It's an issue of national security as the NCIS team investigates whether the death of a U.S. senatorial candidate's staffer was an accident or a murder.


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05 /  Out of the Past (Part 1)

31st Oct '12 - 1:00am
Out of the Past (Part 1)

When a CIA agent who worked with Sam Hanna over eight years ago seeks his help and is soon found dead of an apparent suicide, Hanna and Callen suspect foul play and a bigger conspiracy. Meanwhile, Deeks finds his inner "dog whisperer" with Kensi as the two go undercover and enter a dog show with a prized poodle.


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06 /  Out of the Past (Part 2)

14th Nov '12 - 2:00am
Out of the Past (Part 2)

The NCIS: LA team continues their investigation behind the death of a CIA agent that leads to a dangerous ring of Russian super agents. In a race against time, Hanna risks having a secret exposed.


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07 /  Skin Deep

21st Nov '12 - 2:00am
Skin Deep

The NCIS: LA team heads to the beach to question the possible link between a surfer, an Internet video and a dead Naval tech scientist. Meanwhile, as Callen and Hanna investigate the victim's intelligence connections, Deeks and Kensi go undercover to catch their suspects and some waves.


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08 /  Collateral

28th Nov '12 - 2:00am

The NCIS: LA team questions the motive behind the murder of a retired CIA agent turned millionaire and in the process also questions what Hetty knows about the case.


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09 /  The Gold Standard

12th Dec '12 - 2:00am
The Gold Standard

The NCIS: Los Angeles team investigates the strange and brazen heist executed by gunmen in costumes that could directly impact the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, as Deeks testifies on a case, Granger insists on partnering up with a very reluctant Kensi.


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10 /  Free Ride

19th Dec '12 - 2:00am
Free Ride

Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks spend Christmas aboard an aircraft carrier investigating the death of a fellow NCIS special agent. Meanwhile, Nell and Eric make the most of the holidays back at headquarters and Hetty takes a trip.


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11 /  Drive

9th Jan '13 - 2:00am

A former defendant of Deeks is targeted for discovering information that could dismantle a lucrative car shipping operation with links to a global terrorist ring. Meanwhile, the NCIS: LA team tackles the large-scale stolen car operation from the inside when Kensi goes undercover in an auto body shop.


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12 /  Paper Soldiers

16th Jan '13 - 2:00am
Paper Soldiers

A distraught widow is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her Marine husband's last battle and Sam and Callen help to determine if there has been a cover-up. Meanwhile, Hetty summons Operational Psychologist Nate Getz to be her "pawn" and the rest of the NCIS: LA sense another evaluation on the horizon.


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13 /  The Chosen One

30th Jan '13 - 2:00am
The Chosen One

Callen goes undercover to infiltrate a network of Chechen terrorists who are recruiting foreign fighters to join their cause and planning their next attack in the U.S.


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14 /  Kill House

6th Feb '13 - 2:00am
Kill House

Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks go undercover as an elite tactical force in order to investigate an ambush tied to a cartel kingpin with terrorist connections.


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15 /  History

20th Feb '13 - 2:00am

An NCIS: LA investigation leads the team to question a lone survivor of a former terrorist organization, while Kensi and Deeks follow the trail into the woods


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16 /  Lohkay

27th Feb '13 - 2:00am

Callen is concerned that Sam might be too invested after he takes on a missing persons case for an Afghani elder who helped him years ago when he was wounded on a mission.


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17 /  Wanted

6th Mar '13 - 2:00am

Sam fears for his family's safety when his wife is called to resume a former CIA cover after a case suggests ties to the infamous Sidorov and his stolen nukes.


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18 /  Red, Part 1

20th Mar '13 - 1:00am
Red, Part 1

When a murder weapon in Idaho matches the one used in a national security case in L.A., Callen and Sam fly to the crime scene to join NCIS: Red, a mobile team of agents who live and work together as they solve crimes in various locations.


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19 /  Red, Part 2

27th Mar '13 - 1:00am
Red, Part 2

Callen and the NCIS:LA team work with Paris and the NCIS: RED team to track down suspected terrorist Robert Spears. When intel suggests that he is headed to El Centro, Mexico, Hetty sends the RED team after him to track him down, while the LA team stays to interrogate captured terrorist Ari Yousef Sayed. This leads both teams to a smuggler and arms dealer named Jose Ramirez, who owns properties in El Centro. The RED team engages in a firefight with Ramirez and his crew, but he escapes. Eric and Nell locate him in Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea, but when the RED team arrives, they find Ramirez dead from a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Hetty begins to suspect that they are dealing with a contract killer, so she has Kensi and Deeks look into all the unsolved murders that involved similar killing methods. Both the LA and RED teams follow the evidence to find the real shooter, a contract killer hired to eliminate Spears, Santoso, and Ramirez. Callen engages in a hand-to-hand battle with Spears and emerges victorious, while Roy saves Paris after the shooter gains the upper hand on her in a shootout. After wrapping up the case, the LA team returns home, while the RED team, Roy included, packs their bags for their next mission.


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20 /  Purity

10th Apr '13 - 1:00am

When cyanide in a communal water jug lethally poisons a lieutenant and leaves a Navy pilot in serious condition, the NCIS: LA team investigates whether this is an isolated incident or an early test for large-scale water contamination.


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21 /  Resurrection

24th Apr '13 - 1:00am

The NCIS: LA team are sent on a mission to track down the missing body after a special task force takes down a cartel boss


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22 /  Raven & the Swans

1st May '13 - 1:00am
Raven & the Swans

Callen questions Hetty's motivations when a bizarre case involving a mysterious woman is revealed to be an undercover agent from her past.


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23 /  Parley

8th May '13 - 1:00am

Deeks goes undercover to obtain information about an infamous arms dealer looking to get back in the business, but the woman he befriends leads the operation in a dangerous direction. Meanwhile, Kensi confronts new emotions as she runs surveillance on Deeks and his female source.


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24 /  Descent

15th May '13 - 1:00am

A nuclear explosion in the Pacific reignites the search for stolen nuclear weapons and prompts Hetty to shuffle the NCIS: LA partnerships, sending Callen and Kensi overseas and leaving Sam and Deeks teamed up state side.


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