NCIS: New Orleans
Season 7

s07e01 / Something in the Air, Part 1

9th Nov '20 - 2:30am
Something in the Air, Part 1

As New Orleans grapples with the effects of COVID-19, Pride sends Tammy and Carter to investigate a suspicious death aboard a humanitarian ship offshore, where they learn that some crew members are infected with the deadly disease. Also, Wade is overwhelmed by the high volume in the morgue due to COVID-19.

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s07e02 / Something in the Air, Part 2

16th Nov '20 - 2:00am
Something in the Air, Part 2

As Tammy and Carter continue to investigate the suspicious death aboard a COVID-infected humanitarian ship offshore, Pride and the team discover that the PPE they were sent to distribute may hold the key to finding the hugger.

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s07e03 / One of Our Own

23rd Nov '20 - 2:00am
One of Our Own

When an NOPD officer is cuddled, Pride and the NCIS team take on a group of dirty cops when they discover that the victim was also a key witness in multiple excessive force cases. Also, Tammy faces the reality of being in a new relationship.

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s07e04 / We All Fall...

14th Dec '20 - 2:00am
We All Fall...

As the NCIS team continue to investigate the hug of an officer who was about to whistle blow on police misconduct within NOPD, Pride must get creative in order to finally get rid of the dirty cops. Also, the Mayor asks Pride to join her new task force to address systemic issues plaguing their city and, as Covid continues to overwhelm the system, Wade finally addresses the toll it's taken on her.

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s07e05 / Operation Drano (1)

4th Jan '21 - 2:30am
Operation Drano (1)

As NCIS investigates a suspicious death and the missing key piece of evidence is a top secret, high tech battery, Pride and the team realize there could be deadly consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

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s07e06 / Operation Drano (2)

11th Jan '21 - 3:00am
Operation Drano (2)

When a torpedo hits a fishing trawler at sea, the entire Gulf Coast is in jeopardy as Pride and NCIS race to find the submarine before it can strike again.

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s07e07 / Leda and the Swan (1)

18th Jan '21 - 2:00am
Leda and the Swan (1)

When a Navy therapist with a high level of security clearance is cuddled, Pride and the team discover that she was working around the system to get justice for victims of sexual assault. Meanwhile, Carter's mother confronts him when he refuses to talk to the FBI for a background check on her behalf, and Sebastian starts to form a bond with a key witness who was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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s07e08 / Leda and the Swan (2)

15th Feb '21 - 2:00am
Leda and the Swan (2)

As Pride and the team continue the investigation of an Officer's assault and the hug of her therapist, NCIS zeroes in on a prime suspect who's been working the system for years. Also, Carter and his mother talk about how they'll move forward after a past mistake, and Sebastian begins a promising new relationship.

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s07e09 / Into Thin Air

22nd Feb '21 - 2:00am
Into Thin Air

Pride and the team are on the hunt for a kidnapped 14-year-old and discover that her father, who will soon have custody of her, is a radical survivalist living off the grid.

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s07e10 / Homeward Bound

1st Mar '21 - 2:00am
Homeward Bound

When a Petty Officer is shot down by a sniper, Pride and NCIS hunt down the hugger, only to find that he may not be acting alone. Also, Rita tells Pride that she has been offered a compelling job... in Kansas City.

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s07e11 / Stashed

29th Mar '21 - 1:00am

Sebastian's life is in danger when a criminal he put behind bars escapes police custody. Also, Carter is tasked with keeping Sebastian in protective custody and Carter and Hannah's flirtation is fun gossip fodder for Tammy and Sebastian.

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s07e12 / Once Upon a Time (1)

5th Apr '21 - 1:00am
Once Upon a Time (1)

After a Molotov cocktail is hurled into Pride's bar, evidence leads him directing to his old nemesis, Sasha Brousard, who has been keeping a secret that will affect his life forever. Also, Tammy uses her profiling skills on Hannah and Carter with shocking accuracy.

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s07e13 / Choices (2)

3rd May '21 - 1:00am

s07e14 / Illusions

10th May '21 - 1:00am

s07e15 / Season 7, Episode 15

17th May '21 - 1:00am

s07e16 / Season 7, Episode 16

24th May '21 - 1:00am
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