Season 3

s03e01 / Comic Con-Air

26th Jul '13 - 4:15am
Comic Con-Air

Trent tries to foil the hijacking of a plane carrying Comic-Con convicts. Kove and Alphonse, meanwhile, consider blowing up the plane.

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s03e02 / Hawaii Die-0

2nd Aug '13 - 4:15am
Hawaii Die-0

NTSF learns that the President of the Navy has been targeted for assassination at a commencement address, and a reprogrammed Trent is the prime suspect.

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s03e03 / Extra Terrorist-rial

9th Aug '13 - 4:15am
Extra Terrorist-rial

Trent's nephew befriends a seemingly benign alien, but the NTSF team think it's dangerous.

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s03e04 / Burn After Killing

16th Aug '13 - 4:15am
Burn After Killing

Commander Kove's little black book is stolen.

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s03e05 / TGI Murder

23rd Aug '13 - 4:15am
TGI Murder

When the President of the Navy's restaurant gets strong armed, NTSF comes to his aid.

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s03e06 / The Great Train Stoppery

30th Aug '13 - 4:15am
The Great Train Stoppery

A special episode of the Time Angels reveals how they saved the Trans-continental railroad in the old west.

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s03e07 / A Hard Drive to Swallow

6th Sep '13 - 4:15am
A Hard Drive to Swallow

S.A.M. is taken prisoner by an anti-robot group and NTSF must find a way to rescue him.

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s03e08 / Unfrozen Agent Man

13th Sep '13 - 4:15am
Unfrozen Agent Man

An NTSF agent from the past is called upon to capture an escaped criminal.

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s03e09 / Trading Faces

20th Sep '13 - 4:15am
Trading Faces

Trent and Sam switch faces to catch a bad guy, but come to blows when Sam doesn't want to switch back. Meanwhile, Piper tries to figure out why no one wants to come to her game night.

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s03e10 / U-KO'ed

27th Sep '13 - 4:15am

When Alphonse is captured in an assassination plot, the team joins forces with their British counterparts in a special double-episode movie event. Shot on-location in London.

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s03e11 / How Piper Got Her Groove Initially

4th Oct '13 - 4:15am
How Piper Got Her Groove Initially

The story of how Piper became an NTSF:SD:SUV agent.

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s03e12 / Wreck the Malls

20th Dec '13 - 5:15am
Wreck the Malls

Santa and his elves take over the mall, determined to steal all the Petey the pitbull dolls and Trent must stop him, and teach his children the true meaning of Christmas at the same time.

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