Neo Yokio
Season 1

s01e01 / The Sea Beneath 14th St.

23rd Sep '17 - 12:00am
The Sea Beneath 14th St.

Kaz must overcome his recent break up and perform an exorcism for fashion blogger Helena, all while trying to make it back in time for the field hockey championship.

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s01e02 / A Pop Star of Infinite Elegance

24th Sep '17 - 12:00am
A Pop Star of Infinite Elegance

The black and white ball is approaching and Kaz has problems galore, including a disinterested date and a scheming rival and the wrong color tux.

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s01e03 / O, the Helenists...

25th Sep '17 - 12:00am
O, the Helenists...

Kaz visits his old school to teach a trio of insolent students about elegance. Meanwhile, Gottlieb and Lexy ask Kaz to endorse their new cocktail.

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s01e04 / Hamptons Water Magic

26th Sep '17 - 12:00am
Hamptons Water Magic

Distressing news sends Kaz to the Hamptons to settle some family affairs. While there, he learns there's more to Charles than he thought.

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s01e05 / The Russians? Exactly, The Soviets.

27th Sep '17 - 12:00am
The Russians? Exactly, The Soviets.

Coming Soon...

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s01e06 / I'm Starting to Think Neo Yokio's Not the Greatest City in the World

28th Sep '17 - 12:00am
I'm Starting to Think Neo Yokio's Not the Greatest City in the World

Kaz and his friends vow to help Helena escape the Remembrancer's clutches, but the Grand Prix complicates their escape.

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