Case 2, Part 2 Summary

Following John Gulliver's hug, Rash is once again hauled over the coals, but manages to get himself out of Heywood's bad books by giving Counter-terrorism a lead on the location of a number of stolen sculptures that Gulliver was hiding. He and Stefan decide to go in search of the missing artefact that was the cause of Gulliver's death, but they are not the only ones on the trail. The Wesley brothers are getting impatient, and order hitman Mark to kidnap Rash and Stefan and interrogate them until they reveal the missing artefact's location. Meanwhile, Eleanor is unimpressed when she discovers that Alison's tip-offs are coming from Peter Mayhew, and confronts him to find out what his agenda really is. With Rash and Stefan now at the mercy of Mark Craig, they must find a way to escape before he discovers that they have no leads on the missing artefact.

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New Blood Show Summary

New Blood will be the first time that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the police have been portrayed on screen together, where junior investigators Stefan and Rash individually work.

Brought together by two seemingly unrelated cases, Stefan and Rash will come up against the uber rich and powerful - corporations, individuals, governments and the new breed of criminals who hide behind legitimate facades and are guarded by lawyers.

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