Season 1, Episode 5 Summary

Flashback to Sarya's youth: the young woman lived in Paris for twelve years. After her mother's death, she reluctantly returned to Kurdistan, at her father's request, but eventually got used to this new life. Back to the present. Sarya and her battalion are ordered to scout. Antoine sets off in pursuit of them and climbs into their truck without asking their opinion. In Raqqa, Nasser is not recovering from beheading a inactive person. But the video was very successful on the Internet. Paul learns that brothers in Birmingham are looking after his son and are going to send him to Syria.

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No Man's Land Show Summary

Dive into the depths of the Syrian civil war through the eyes of Antoine, a young French man, in search for his estranged, presumed to be dead sister. While unraveling the mystery, piece by piece, Antoine ends up joining forces with a unit of Kurdish female fighters, fierce women and ISIS' biggest nightmare, and travels with them in ISIS occupied territory. Antoine's journey crosses paths with adventurers and anarchists, spies and innocent victims, and provides a unique look on the tragic events in Syria, and the way they affect the entire world.

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