Season 1

s01e01 / April

4th Oct '15 - 8:00pm

The Prime Minister has called a press conference where everyone expects him to cancel the oil shutdown, but Berg does the opposite. He maintains the promise and insists that Thorium will replace oil.

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s01e02 / May

4th Oct '15 - 9:00pm

Jesper Berg assures journalist Thomas Eriksen that the Russian presence is by no means an occupation. During a medal ceremony at Akershus Fortress May 17 a young guardsman attempts to shoot the Russian ambassador.

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s01e03 / June

11th Oct '15 - 8:00pm

The prime minister is under pressure from Eriksen. He wants the prime minister to come with a specific date for the Russian withdrawal from Norway. Berg yields to pressure and ask the Russians about a date. The Russians, however, have one condition.

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s01e04 / July

18th Oct '15 - 8:00pm

A Norwegian resistance movement that calls itself Free Norway gives the impression of wanting to use all means to get the Russians out of the country. They contact Eriksen, and demands that he writes beneficial about them - otherwise his wife's Russian friendly restaurant will be the next target.

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s01e05 / August

25th Oct '15 - 8:00pm

There are few days to the Russians will pull out, and the preparations for them to leave the country takes place at all levels. Prime Minister Jesper Berg making plans for how to get the party up and running again, but has major challenges on several levels.

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s01e06 / September

1st Nov '15 - 8:00pm

Norway has managed to repair the gas lines after bomb on Viksund, but the EU believes that the political landscape is too uncertain for the Russian withdrawal now. Prime Minister Berg must make a difficult decision - contrary to his own ideological convictions.

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s01e07 / October

8th Nov '15 - 8:00pm

Jesper Berg has won the referendum, but the Russian shows no signs of leaving the country. On the contrary, they have increased their military activity. The prime minister now expects the EU sets up military action to get the Russians out, but EU are reluctant to enter into a military conflict with Russia.

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s01e08 / November

15th Nov '15 - 8:00pm

Jesper Berg understands that he is not going anywhere with the EU, and initiate police action to get the Russians out of the country. The Russian ambassador, Sidorova, warns him against continuing to expel Russians, but Jesper Berg does not care about her warnings.

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s01e09 / December - Part 1

22nd Nov '15 - 8:00pm
December - Part 1

Jesper Berg continues as the country's prime minister from within the US Embassy, but the Americans are not particularly thrilled about Jesper Berg's politics and offers him a ticket to Switzerland.

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s01e10 / December - Part 2

29th Nov '15 - 8:00pm
December - Part 2

In an interview with an American news channel Jesper Berg claims that the Americans is supporting the Norwegian side of the conflict. This is the opposite of what Americans asked for and they get Jesper Berg removed from the embassy.

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