S07E07 Season 7, Episode 7 Summary

Nina battles her doubts as she prepares to interview for the Head of Obstetrics role. Billie's confused after being stood up by Dan. Will Will discover the truth about Kerry and Jimmy's indiscretion?.

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Offspring Show Summary

Offspring is an exuberant drama set in Melbourne's Fitzroy, centring on Nina Proudman and her struggle to deal with her fabulously messy family, her hunt for a decent love life and her tendency to over-think and fly off into fantasy.

Following the Proudman family's adventures searching for love, fulfilment and balance in the chaos of modern life, Offspring is about the forces that drive us all: love, sex, babies, food and music. This life affirming series provides food for the soul as it examines the curses and the blessings that come with intricate family connections.

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