One Night
Season 1

s01e01 / Simone

2nd Sep '23 - 3:59am
Simone Summary

Simone has finally written the one story she could never get out of her mind, and her debut manuscript One Night is about to be published. But it soon becomes apparent that the devastating story the book tells doesn't exclusively belong to her.

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s01e02 / Hat

3rd Sep '23 - 3:59am
Hat Summary

After discovering One Night isn't purely a work of fiction, Hat grows increasingly nervous over the repercussions of keeping the truth from Tess, and the secrets Simone's novel exposes. Everyone is at risk, and they aren't the only ones reading.

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s01e03 / Tess

4th Sep '23 - 3:59am
Tess Summary

Believing Tess to be the author of One Night, Eden tracks her down and asks her about the crime at the heart of the novel. Confused by Eden's claims, Tess is horrified to realise that Simone has written an Anonymous novel about her rape.

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s01e04 / Simone

5th Sep '23 - 3:59am
Simone Summary

Amidst the book's soaring success, fractures among the three friends deepen. Simone strives to reveal herself as the author, Hat fights to have the book removed from shelves, and Tess devises a revenge plan against the Calleys.

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s01e05 / Hat

6th Sep '23 - 3:59am
Hat Summary

Fearing Trevor Calley, Hat begins her own investigation into the events of the past. But as she digs deeper, it becomes clear that the police are hiding something.

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s01e06 / Tess

7th Sep '23 - 3:59am
Tess Summary

After twenty years of lies, Hat unearths a shattering secret that could finally give Tess and Simone the whole truth, and the closure they need to move on. But will their friendships, the families or the Calleys survive the revelations?

185 have watched this episode
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