The Dinner Party Summary

Five-year-old Karen decides to leave home for Spain, or possibly Greenland. Mum and Dad prepare for a dinner party, which leads to Ben being allowed to crack some eggs and getting his first taste of gin. The drink loosens tongues all round, and the dinner party becomes a disaster zone, but this time the parents can't blame any of it on the kids.

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Outnumbered Show Summary

Outnumbered is about a family living in South London, where the parents are "Outnumbered" by their three children. The parents constantly try to keep their children under control, but completely fail to do so. The father, Pete, works at an inner city school as a history teacher, whereas mother, Sue, is a part-time PA.

The three children are eleven-year-old Jake who worries about everything, from worrying about starting at his new school to the world being sucked into a black hole, seven-year-old Ben who constantly lies to his parents and always wants to watch Little Britain, and five-year-old Karen who constantly asks too many questions.

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