Season 3

s03e01 / Wartime

28th Mar '20 - 3:59am

Marty is pressured to move money ahead of schedule, Wendy pitches a high-stakes plan, Wyatt lives the good life, and Ruth butts heads in the casino.

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s03e02 / Civil Union

29th Mar '20 - 3:59am
Civil Union

Wendy asks Helen - not Marty - to help close a deal, the Byrdes get a new houseguest, and business goes boom aboard a rival casino.

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s03e03 / Kevin Cronin Was Here

30th Mar '20 - 3:59am
Kevin Cronin Was Here

The FBI dives into the casino's finances, Wendy's dreams take a dark turn, and Marty worries that the writing may be on the wall.

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s03e04 / Boss Fight

31st Mar '20 - 3:59am
Boss Fight

As Wendy, Helen and Ruth strive to keep the business humming, Navarro plays mind games with Marty, who worries he'll never see his family again.

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s03e05 / It Came from Michoacán

1st Apr '20 - 3:59am
It Came from Michoacán

Maya steps up her bid to turn Marty, whose eerily calm demeanor has Wendy worried. The Byrdes buy a horse farm on behalf of Navarro.

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s03e06 / Su Casa Es Mi Casa

2nd Apr '20 - 3:59am
Su Casa Es Mi Casa

Marty and Wendy tell each other how they really feel, Ruth confronts Wyatt, Darlene lets her ambitions be known, and Ben's past comes into focus.

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s03e07 / In Case of Emergency

3rd Apr '20 - 3:59am
In Case of Emergency

The FBI questions Ruth, tensions between Cosgrove and Marty hit a new high, Sue takes on a new patient, and Wendy recruits for her foundation.

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s03e08 / BFF

4th Apr '20 - 3:59am

Ruth isn't happy about Marty and Wendy's plan to bury the hatchet with Frank Jr. The Byrdes make a difficult decision about Ben. Maya is reprimanded.

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s03e09 / Fire Pink

5th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Fire Pink

Ben's confrontation with Helen and Erin sends the Byrdes into crisis mode. Meanwhile, Sam's concerns about the FBI inspire little sympathy.

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s03e10 / All In

6th Apr '20 - 3:59am
All In

While Wendy battles personal demons, Marty struggles to keep their lives from falling apart. Darlene does Ruth a favor.

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