Piece of Mind Summary

Reports of people suffering selective memory loss prompts Riley to investigate a lead on his own which ends with him losing his own memory. The Neuro responsible presents himself to the team but will only restore Riley's knowledge after they do something for him.

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Painkiller Jane Show Summary

In a very imaginable future, the world battles terrorism and unrest. Out of this chaos emerges a new hero: Jane Vasco, a.k.a. Painhugger Jane Once the DEA's top agent, Jane Vasco is formidable, both mentally and physically. As a child, her father nicknamed her Painhugger Jane, describing her ability to mentally push through even the most painful situations. But her strength is about to be tested.

Jane is recruited by a covert government agency dedicated to containing and, if necessary, neutralizing the threat of "Neuros" No one knows what caused the aberrations that led to their enhanced abilities, which range from from telekinesis and telepathic suggestion to induced hallucinations. During her first investigation with her new team, Jane discovers that she too possesses an odd ability: she can't be killed.

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