Peep Show
Season 2

s02e01 / Dance Class

12th Nov '04 - 10:00pm
Dance Class

Mark is still trying to get in close with Sophie, only now he has a new plan: hack into her email to read her thoughts. Jeremy pledges his love for Toni, just before meeting the sexiest woman he has ever met, who just happens to be addicted to taboo breaking.

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s02e02 / Local Zero

19th Nov '04 - 10:00pm
Local Zero

While working on a Saturday, Mark meets a new friend, and the first friend, in fact, he's made since 1996. Jeremy crosses paths with an old 'friend' from school who has become successful and is, at present, looking for music for Honda. Jeremy cannot believe his luck and goes straight to Super Hans to get a track done.

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s02e03 / Jeremy Makes It

26th Nov '04 - 10:00pm
Jeremy Makes It

Jeremy wants nothing more than to make Nancy his 'proper girlfriend', but she's more than a bit skeptical. Soon he is going out of his way to prove his worthiness. Mark is a small-time celebrity in an infamous way: an alcoholic. The news cameras catch him drinking at a picnic and make him the poster child of bad behaviour. His boss and workmates have all noticed and are not too pleased.

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s02e04 / University Challenge

3rd Dec '04 - 10:00pm
University Challenge

Mark meets an amazing woman while shoe shopping and when he returns to the store a few days later he finds that she's a student and has already returned to university. Jeremy and Super Hans have trouble, that is Hans has been asked to front another band. Jeremy, not to be left out, insists on going with them to Dartmouth. Mark, upon hearing this, goes along as it is the city where the shoe store girl studies.

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s02e05 / The Man Show

10th Dec '04 - 10:00pm
The Man Show

Mark is trying anything to get closer to Sophie, even if that means spending time with Jeff, her boyfriend. Unable to make a connection with Jeff, Mark invites Jeremy around to the pub to ease the mood. Turns out Jeremy really likes Jeff and they become mates.

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s02e06 / Wedding

17th Dec '04 - 10:00pm

Jeremy is brought to a secluded location for what he thinks is a break-up, but really, Nancy proposes to him for visa purposes; yet everyone is skeptical of this marriage of convenience. Mark is starting to get back into the dating scene when all of a sudden Sophie is single . . . again.

849 have watched this episode
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