Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
Season 4

s04e01 / Boy Scouts

4th Apr '06 - 2:00am
Boy Scouts

Since the early 90s, The Boy Scouts of America, which is partially funded by tax-money and uses public schools as meeting halls, has been largely run by the Mormon church, and has banned homosexuals and atheists from being members. 4 people are interviewed: An eagle scout who wrote a book praising the boy scouts, a man who was kicked out of the boy scouts for being gay, a lady who sued the boy scouts and a gay activist trying to make the boy scouts change their ways. Finally, a group of straight kids and a group of gay kids compete in folding flags, tying knots and putting up a tent.

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s04e02 / Prostitution

11th Apr '06 - 2:00am

Everyone knows that prostitution is practiced throughout the land. Where it is legal - in only a few Nevada counties, prostitution is vigorously regulated and monitored by the State of Nevada Health Department. The women submit to compulsory medical tests for STDs. No one is forced to work as a prostitute. Pimps don't exist. HIV has never been detected. The women earn regular paychecks and tips. Some even get vacation and sick days. And they pay taxes! It's BULLSHIT that it's illegal for two consenting adults to have sex with each other!

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s04e03 / The Death Penalty

18th Apr '06 - 2:00am
The Death Penalty

Explains why the death penalty is inhumane along with the different types of execution that existed for many years, the process of lethal injection, and the execution of the Crips founder, Stanley Tookie Williams.

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s04e04 / Cryptozoology

25th Apr '06 - 2:00am

Explains the science and trickery involved with animals people have believed to have sighted, such as Lochness, Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, etc, along with hoaxes people create to increase belief. Also explains why it is impossible for such animals to exist.

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s04e05 / Ground Zero

2nd May '06 - 2:00am
Ground Zero

Penn & Teller take a look at the fiasco that has taken place in the last 5 years in planning to rebuild the "Ground Zero" area.

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s04e06 / Pet Love

9th May '06 - 2:00am
Pet Love

BULLSHIT takes its cameras inside the world of extreme pet lovers where we'll meet reptile enthusiasts, show-cats and their owners, and a man who claims to have revolutionized veterinary medicine. We'll visit a woman who shares her home with 25 cats and an artist who creates pet memorials that will blow you away. We'll even get all scientific and figure out why we are biologically attracted to puppies and kittens. Finally, we'll get to the bottom of the diseases our four legged, fine-feathered friends are spreading, like West Nile Virus and Monkeypox. Go ahead love your pet if you feel like it. But c'mon, let's draw the line at rubbing noses and swapping saliva... Now that's doggy BULLSHIT!

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s04e07 / Reparations

16th May '06 - 2:00am

Slavery, the slaughter of Native Americans (and the confiscation of their tribal land) and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II are three tragedies from this nation's past. However, are those who suffered as a result of these government policies, deserving of money - lots of money? They're called "reparations" and like the Indians and the Japanese before them, today many African Americans think the Federal Government (meaning Mr. And Mrs. Tax Payer) owes them money because their ancestors were once slaves. In this episode, BULLSHIT goes inside the reparations movements and uncovers the truths about the internment of Japanese Americans, Indian Casinos and the Federal Government's long history of correcting the historical wrongs associated with its institutional racism.

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s04e08 / Manners

23rd May '06 - 2:00am

According to a recent poll, 8 out of 10 people in the US think Americans are ruder today than any time in history. Is that even possible? Are we really ruder and less well mannered? On this episode of BULLSHIT, we'll find out that our contemporary ideas about manners date back about 120 years to the Victorian period, a time when there wasn't indoor plumbing and people used to urinate in the street, we'll meet an etiquette expert who knows which fork to use when eating salad and visit with a stripper who puts the entire issue of manners into perspective. Saying "please" and "thank you" are good social lubricants and help you avoid getting beat up the rest of manners, are pretty much BULLSHIT.

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s04e09 / Numbers

30th May '06 - 2:00am

They say numbers don't lie, but in the hands of the media, politicians, pollsters and salesmen, numbers can be downright subversive. BULLSHIT meets the author of Damned Lies and Statistics - he tells us how numbers are craftily manipulated based on political affiliation and agenda. The numerically ambiguous world of Vacation Time Shares leaves our undercover operative dazed and confused. We also take street cons to Las Vegas - a town built on Numbers - and reveal how readily most of us can be cheated. And we look into the bullshit behind political polls, gambling odds and state lotteries.
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s04e10 / Abstinence

6th Jun '06 - 2:00am

BULLSHIT goes on the prowl for virgins! We meet women - and men! - who are saving themselves for marriage. We find out -what the hell for? Then, there's sex education! We find out if it is helping them screwor screwing them up. And we get really revved up about teaching abstinence only! We meet an expert who encourages multiple sex partners before settling down. He has proof that sex reduces stress and it releases endorphins that make us feel good. The cherry on the top of our cherry is a visit to a masturbation clinic. Now we're talking sex education! We'll also meet up with the former US Surgeon General, Dr. Jocelyn Elders. She was fired for advocating masturbation as an alternative to sexual intercourse to prevent STDS, and that's BULLSHIT.

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