Wal-Mart Summary

Penn & teller explore the reasoning behind Wal-mart protesters. This episode includes trips to rural towns that have just acquired a Wal-mart to show the economic growth and employment improvements as well as to Penn's hometown where a local resident persuaded the town not to get a Wal-mart. They interview a range of people from local nut jobs to politicians who are in favor of jobs (just not Wal-mart's), and unionizers. Lastly they also interview a person who created an anti-Wal-Mart documentary. In this interview they go further in depth with allegations of sweat shops, employee benefits, and employee pay. and of course there are naked women.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 5 Episode 2 of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Show Summary

Penn & Teller, the 'bad boys of magic' known for exposing exactly how magic tricks are done, take it to the masses in this hot Showtime series.

Penn and Teller not only investigate how frauds, cons, charlatans and even officials in government operate, but they offer it with an easy to understand step by step discovery.

In past episodes, the myth of lack of landfill space on the planet made for heated debates everywhere. Undercover, hidden camera reports are included in the series with the typical Penn & Teller humor added. While Penn (the one who not just talks, but frequently yells) slams the scams and exposes the truth behind the media and hard sell, he seems genuinely concerned about protecting people from untruths. Even though a staunch atheist, he is gentle and even compassionate when addressing the frauds that abound in the religious realm, including faith healers and miracle makers.

The series is peppered with nudity, foul language and possibly some of their own motivations, but it's informative, innovative and most certainly one of the most 'real' of reality shows.

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