Penn & Teller: Fool Us
Season 1

s01e01 / Teller Sucks... Helium

18th Jun '11 - 8:00pm
Teller Sucks... Helium

Acts performing tonight include High Jinx, Jon Allen, Daniel Massey and mind-reader and mentalist Graham Jolley.

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s01e02 / Stab a Card, Any Card...

25th Jun '11 - 8:00pm
Stab a Card, Any Card...

Acts performing tonight include Mathieu Bich, Young & Strange, Mark Shortland and Daniel Madison.

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s01e03 / Solid Goldfish

2nd Jul '11 - 8:00pm
Solid Goldfish

Acts performing tonight include Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr Piffles, Soma, Alan Hudson and Damien O'Brien.

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s01e04 / Teller Is a Blockhead

9th Jul '11 - 8:00pm
Teller Is a Blockhead

This episode has 15-year-old Daniel Kramer from North London show card & physical tricks, Romany (Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year 2006) performs while tied up with rope, Alan Rorrison shows off some close-up magic and Richard Bellars returns from a previous episode to see if he can fool Penn & Teller by predicting the outcome of some challenges he sets for them on-stage...

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s01e05 / Penn Gets Nailed

16th Jul '11 - 8:00pm
Penn Gets Nailed

French illusionists Cubic Act, who use a magical box on stage, card expert Michael Vincent, Victorian magicians Morgan & West and award-winning performer Nick Einhorn try to outwit the double act with mind-boggling tricks, in the hope of landing a gig with them in Las Vegas. The duo also perform a trick involving a nailgun.

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s01e06 / The Magic of Polyester

23rd Jul '11 - 8:00pm
The Magic of Polyester

Aspiring magicians try to baffle masters of magic Penn and Teller. Sweden's hottest magic double act perform 'The World's Most Difficult' - and painful - card trick.

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s01e07 / A Bellyful of Needles

30th Jul '11 - 8:00pm
A Bellyful of Needles

This week, the reigning world card trick champion, Shawn Farquhar, does the impossible right under Penn's nose. Plus Cuba's greatest magician - Manuel Martinez, who now lives in Margate - takes to the stage, and one act performs the most stunning climax to a trick ever seen on TV. Will any of the hopefuls manage to fool Penn and Teller?

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s01e08 / Water Tanks for the Memories

28th Aug '11 - 8:00pm
Water Tanks for the Memories

Jonathan Ross presents the last episode in the series in which Penn & Teller aim to find the brightest up-and-coming illusionists. Each show challenges aspiring magicians to try to fool the duo with their most baffling trick in a bid to win the prize of a lifetime - the chance to perform in Penn & Teller's stage show in Las Vegas. This edition features Laura London - whose trick is as amazing as her outfit, a 15-year-old card trickster with nerves of steel and a mentalist with a mind-reading stomach. Plus Martin Daniels, son of magic legend Paul Daniels, performs his dad's all-time favourite trick. To close the show, Penn & Teller perform the world's first underwater card trick - with a shocking twist.

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