Season 2, Episode 1 Summary

Six months later, Brian has stepped down as coach of the Southern Jets and Travis has succeeded him. Kath is now sitting on the board, and tries to persuade Brian to take a new job with the club. Jessie has given birth to a daughter and is living with Rusty. The club signs new player Liam Flynn. Paige returns from her travels for Dan's birthday, but insists that they are not getting back together. Tahlia goes home with a woman that she believes Connor is interested in. Connor later tells her that he has met someone. The women meet Liam's girlfriend Kendall, who takes cocaine and picks a fight with Jessie and Maddy. Kendall later calls Maddy and Travis to her home, where they find Liam with a head injury.

Playing for Keeps Season 2 Episodes...

Playing for Keeps Show Summary

Playing For Keeps is an exciting series about the women behind the men we barrack for on the footy field. Affairs, business opportunities, fashion, groupies, harassment, racism, sexism, and an absurd amount of fun, it's a world we've read about. Now we're allowed inside.

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