Rhubarb and Custard Summary

When Josh's girlfriend, Claire, dumps him and tells him she's pretty sure he's gay, he's mostly worried that the sundae for two that's just arrived at their table is suddenly pretty humiliating.

Josh seeks out his best mate Tom who is planning to dump his own overbearing girlfriend, Niamh.

They're interrupted when Tom's good looking colleague Geoffrey arrives. Geoffrey is upset and in need of someone to talk to. Josh has no idea how to deal with emotions, but he does know where the pop rocks are kept, so he and Geoffrey hit it off immediately.

When Geoffrey not only invites himself to dinner, but also invites himself to stay for the night, Josh is terrified.

Please Like Me Season 1 Episodes...

Please Like Me Show Summary

The series revolves around Josh, who is growing up quickly and realises that his parents are not heroes, but dopes with no idea what's going on, just like him.

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