French Toast Summary

As Josh tries to process a BIG night in his adult life, he discovers his mother Rose has overdosed on painhuggers and is in hospital.

With his mum in a fragile state, it looks like Josh might have to move back in to the family home to keep an eye on her.

Josh's dad Alan is so convinced he's responsible for his ex-wife's predicament he insists on dropping his younger girlfriend Mae at the corner store before visiting Josh at the family home, in case he upsets Rose.

Josh seems to be taking a different approach to his mum's recovery, and after throwing things at her to get her out of bed, he leaves her at her psychiatrist's appointment and heads off to visit Tom at his office. He runs into Geoffrey, who is keen to pick up where they left off before and invites Josh out on a date.

Please Like Me Season 1 Episodes...

Please Like Me Show Summary

The series revolves around Josh, who is growing up quickly and realises that his parents are not heroes, but dopes with no idea what's going on, just like him.

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