The Ninja Poké-Showdown Summary

Ash and the gang are lost in the forest when they stumble upon the famous Ninja Mansion. Little do they know that it is the next gym. They follow a Venonat who leads them right to Koga the gym leader. Ash battle him, but the get interrupted by Team Rocket. After defeating them with special power by Spyduck. Ash restarts his battle and wins his Soul Badge.

Pokemon Season 1 Episodes...

Pokemon Show Summary

A young boy named Ash Ketchum embarks on a journey to become a "Pokemon Master" with his first Pokemon, Pikachu. Joining him on his travels are Brock, a girl-obsessed Rock Pokemon Trainer, and Misty, a tomboyish Water Pokemon Trainer who may have a crush on him. Ash and Co. end up traveling through various regions, including Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, and then enter the Pokemon League competitions there.

Along the way, they run into many confrontations with Jessie, James, and Meowth, a trio of Pokemon thieves who are apart of an evil organization called "Team Rocket". But every time Team Rocket try to do their evil deeds, they fail thanks to Ash and his Pokemon.

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