Death Knock Summary

At The Herald, deputy news editor Holly Evans is tasked with giving Wendy Bolt - a controversial right-wing commentator - a tour of the office, but she is itching to get back to a hit-and-run story she is following. However, in doing so, she is in danger of getting on the bad side of editor Duncan Allen. Over at The Post, Oxford graduate Ed Washburn is tasked with speaking to the parents of a footballer who has committed suicide - only for things to get tricky when the couple withdraw the interview.

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Press Show Summary

Two rival fictional British newspapers and their staff navigate the changing nature of journalism in the digital age and the 24-hour news cycle. The Herald, a left-leaning broadsheet newspaper shares a building with The Post, a tabloid. The journalists at the Herald attempt to balance hard-hitting serious news delivered with integrity with selling stories. The staff at the Post however often put aside their moral and ethical standards in order to get the scoop. Both publications report on the same story from different angles and perspectives while the staff try to find a personal and professional balance in an industry that never sleeps.

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