S03E06 The Remains of the 'A' Summary

After getting a major clue from Garrett, Hanna and Spencer set out on their separate missions. Hanna sees a perfect opportunity to catch "A" or to at least see who is helping Garrett out. But her perfect plan starts to quickly unravel, leaving Hanna frustrated and desperate. Spencer tries to figure out the meaning of the clue and enlists Jason's help in the search.

Meanwhile, Emily gets another flashback from "that night" which leads her to a surprising suspect and Aria starts to question Ezra's sudden influx of cash.

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Pretty Little Liars Show Summary

Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret. Gossip thrives amid the Mercedes-Benz, mega mansions, and perfectly manicured hedges in the exclusive town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Everyone has something to hide. Based off the book series of the same name, the series follows four estranged best friends Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily who are reunited after their best friend and queen bee of the group, Alison, goes missing only to discover they are receiving messages from an anonymous "A" who knows all their secrets.

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