Private Practice
Season 4

s04e01 / Take Two

24th Sep '10 - 2:00am
Take Two

Pete and Violet anxiously prepare for their wedding day, but Cooper may have to intervene when emotions and fear of the future run high. Things have taken a surprise turn with Addison and Sam, and Naomi juggles the burden of caring for her daughter and newborn granddaughter and worries about Dink's ability to parent. Despite disagreements and deeply-rooted conflicts, the doctors come together to mourn the loss of their friend, Dell.

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s04e02 / Short Cuts

1st Oct '10 - 2:00am
Short Cuts

Violet and Cooper make amendments to their friendship in order to please their significant others; Pete and Cooper get in an argument involving marijuana use by a patient; Addison is conflicted about going public with her new romance, and Sheldon's decision to deny approval for a patient's sex change backfires.

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s04e03 / Playing God

8th Oct '10 - 2:00am
Playing God

The man responsible for Dell's death visits the clinic where Sam must put aside his feelings and treat the man's heart condition. Pete's decision to volunteer at a friend's clinic results in risking a patient's life. Addison's new romance isn't welcome news.

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s04e04 / A Better Place to Be

15th Oct '10 - 2:00am
A Better Place to Be

The arrival of Dell's young orphaned daughter, Betsey, stirs up the emotions of everyone in the practice; and Pete and Amelia disagree over a risky surgery to treat a woman who has been experiencing chronic and insufferable pain throughout her pregnancy.

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s04e05 / In Or Out

22nd Oct '10 - 2:00am
In Or Out

Addison butts heads with a new oncologist while treating a newborn with a malignant tumor; Pete is uncomfortable when Violet tries to help a parolee.

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s04e06 / All In The Family

29th Oct '10 - 2:00am
All In The Family

A comatose, pregnant patient puts a strain on Addison and Sam's relationship when they disagree over treatment. Pete and Charlotte are in an ethical dilemma about whether to reveal an auto accident victim's HIV status. Violet gets caught up in Lucas's first Halloween which puts her at odds with Pete's family.

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s04e07 / Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?

5th Nov '10 - 2:00am
Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?

After Pete discovers Charlotte in the halls of the hospital bloodied and bruised, he and their fellow doctors come to her aid, but only Addison learns the truth from Charlotte that she was sexually assaulted.

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s04e08 / What Happens Next

12th Nov '10 - 3:00am
What Happens Next

Charlotte chooses to suffer in silence as she tries to deal with the emotional aftermath of the attack, as Addison struggles to keep the events of that night a secret, while Cooper and the doctors of Oceanside Wellness fight their own demons arising from the assault.

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s04e09 / Can't Find My Way Back Home

19th Nov '10 - 3:00am
Can't Find My Way Back Home

Despite how Charlotte is choosing to deal with the aftermath of her sexual assault, her fellow doctors think they know what's best, teaming up to pursue criminal charges against her attacker. Pete gets a surprise visitor, his estranged brother, who has come to ask Pete to help release their sick mother from prison.

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s04e10 / Just Lose It

3rd Dec '10 - 3:00am
Just Lose It

When the District Attorney's office delivers bad news to Charlotte and Cooper about her sexual assault case, Cooper is outraged and Charlotte seems numb, as a case involving a pregnant drug addict hits hard with Addison, who wants a child of her own with Sam.

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s04e11 / If You Don't Know Me By Now

7th Jan '11 - 3:00am
If You Don't Know Me By Now

Bizzy's back in town demanding that Addison save her dying partner. A medical consultation becomes difficult when Amelia and Pete must deal with conflicting demands from a man's wife and mistress. Cooper and Charlotte try for some normalcy in the bedroom while Violet considers what to do with the book she's written that's personally revealing.

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s04e12 / Heaven Can Wait

4th Feb '11 - 3:00am
Heaven Can Wait

While trying to keep away from Dr. Rodriquez' advances, Addison helps Bizzy and Susan plan their wedding. Sheldon tries to help Charlotte get psychiatric help by sending her to his mentor and friend.

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s04e13 / Blind Love

11th Feb '11 - 3:00am
Blind Love

Charlotte's attacker, Lee Henry, arrives at St. Ambrose Hospital, injured by his girlfriend and in need of urgent care, and Sam and Charlotte must decide whether or not to save his life. Meanwhile, Susan's health takes a turn for the worse, and Addison's mother, Bizzy, begs her daughter to do everything in her power to help.

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s04e14 / Home Again

18th Feb '11 - 3:00am
Home Again

After tragedy strikes the Montgomery family, Addison goes home to Connecticut and Sam and her friends decide to join her. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Violet clash when Sheldon's death row patient confesses to a crime that his wife, one of Violet's patients, believes he didn't commit.

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s04e15 / Two Steps Back

25th Feb '11 - 3:00am
Two Steps Back

Couples therapy reveals secrets that Charlotte and Copper must deal with, whereas Violet needs approval from her fellow doctors when it's revealed that her novel will make everyone's personal lives public. Meanwhile, Sheldon's patient claims multiple personalities, and Sam and Naomi's patient is a teenager with Down 's syndrome who's pregnant.

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s04e16 / Love And Lies

18th Mar '11 - 2:00am
Love And Lies

The doctors of Oceanside clash when an expectant mother and her husband, desperate to have children, come to them in order to harvest the eggs of their unborn, ill-fated baby; meanwhile, Amelia tries to help a friend who threatens suicide if her tests for Huntington's Disease are positive, and Fife returns to tell Naomi how he feels about her.

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s04e17 / A Step Too Far

25th Mar '11 - 2:00am
A Step Too Far

At the launch party for Violet's book, Sheldon falls for the smart, beautiful Dr. Marla Phillips, even though she's the critic who panned Violet's tome; meanwhile, Addison's and Pete's patient is caught in a love triangle with her brother-in-law and sister, for whom she is a surrogate, and Cooper and Sam try to convince a family to make their son's health a priority over his successful wrestling career.

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s04e18 / The Hardest Part

1st Apr '11 - 2:00am
The Hardest Part

Pete suspects that his brother Adam may be responsible for their mother's illness. Meanwhile, Violet discovers quite by chance that Sheldon is dating Marla Phillips, the doctor who panned her book, and who Violet considers as her archenemy. Cooper's patient is a musical prodigy with a debilitating brain tumor.

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s04e19 / What We Have Here…

29th Apr '11 - 2:00am
What We Have Here…

Katie feels that Violet's book has breached her patient confidentiality and threatens to sue. This leads Violet to the realization that she'll have to defend her book even though she doesn't feel she's wronged anyone.

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s04e20 / Something Old, Something New

6th May '11 - 2:00am
Something Old, Something New

The day has arrived for Cooper and Charlotte to marry, but not everyone is in a celebratory mood, leading the couple to second-guess their wedding plans.

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s04e21 / God Bless The Child

13th May '11 - 2:00am
God Bless The Child

A second trip to the ER sparks concern for Betsey's well-being and prompts the doctors to launch an investigation into her new foster family - risking sending the little girl back into the system. Meanwhile, Naomi makes a life changing decision for her family, and a struggling Amelia slips further away from sobriety.

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s04e22 / Change The Things I Can

20th May '11 - 2:00am Change The Things I Can

The doctors of Oceanside Wellness are faced with a tough decision - to point out all areas of vulnerability within the practice and risk the termination of some of their own, or to dissolve the practice and each go their separate way.

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