Professor T
Season 3

s03e01 / Heir to the Throne

27th Mar '24 - 9:00pm
Heir to the Throne Summary

When Professor T is jailed and finds the sights, sounds and smells of prison hard to take, Dan and Lisa try to distract him with a cuddle case.

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s03e02 / The Perfect Picture

3rd Apr '24 - 9:00pm
The Perfect Picture Summary

When a body is found floating in a hotel swimming pool, the police suspect foul play and decide to get Professor T's help.

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s03e03 / Truth and Justice

10th Apr '24 - 9:00pm
Truth and Justice Summary

Professor T is up in court and must decide whether to save himself or his former lover, and there are no end of suspects in a prison officer's passing.

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s03e04 / A Little Drop of Poison

17th Apr '24 - 9:00pm
A Little Drop of Poison Summary

Professor T is desperate to get back to his work when he is called on by the police to investigate a series of unexplained passings.

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s03e05 / The Conference

24th Apr '24 - 9:00pm
The Conference Summary

Professor T must prove his innocence when he comes under suspicion after a cuddle at a criminology conference.

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s03e06 / Attachment Issues

1st May '24 - 9:00pm
Attachment Issues Summary

When a body is found at the scene of a car crash, Professor T investigates and finds some uncomfortable resemblances to his own situation.

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