Project Runway
Season 16

s16e01 / One Size Does Not Fit All

18th Aug '17 - 1:00am
One Size Does Not Fit All

The designers enter Season 16 in style as they must create a red carpet look that demonstrates their fashion point of view. But the real surprise comes when the designers learn they will be working with models of all sizes! Guest judge Olivia Munn joins.

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s16e02 / An Unconventional Recycling

25th Aug '17 - 1:00am
An Unconventional Recycling

In their first team challenge, the designers struggle to make their voices heard. However, this is an unconventional materials challenge and many of them stumble when forced to create a fashion forward look out of recyclable materials. Maggie Q and Anne Fulenwider join the judging panel.

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s16e03 / A Leap of Innovation!

1st Sep '17 - 1:00am
A Leap of Innovation!

The designers are treated to a private screening of the film "Leap!" as well as a performance by Hiplet and must draw inspiration for an innovative and edgy design in order to survive another week. Maddie Ziegler is guest judge.

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s16e04 / We're Sleeping Wear?

8th Sep '17 - 1:00am
We're Sleeping Wear?

It's the Heidi Klum Sleepwear Challenge and the designers are feeling on top of the world, literally. If a slumber party on the roof of the Empire State Building doesn't bring them the inspiration they need to impress Heidi, nothing will! Demi Lovato joins as guest judge.

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s16e05 / Descending into Good and Evil

15th Sep '17 - 1:00am
Descending into Good and Evil

Drawing inspiration from the hit film "Descendants 2", the designers visit Lyndhurst Castle and are tasked with creating a look that represents "Good" or "Evil". Most of the results are angelic, but as always, the devil is in the details. Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain guest judge.

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s16e06 / Models Off Duty

22nd Sep '17 - 1:00am
Models Off Duty

The models become much more than runway eye candid as they serve for inspiration to the designers to create a street style look, to be featured in a photo shoot. But ceding creative control to the models proves to be a difficult chore for some designers. Guest judges are Georgina Chapman and Kelsea Ballerini.

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s16e07 / The Ultimate Faceoff

29th Sep '17 - 1:00am
The Ultimate Faceoff

It's the JC Penney Challenge and the designers must use men's fabrics and designs to create a fashion forward look for their female models. Not only that, they must work in teams to do it, leading to a runway elimination that no one saw coming! Asia Kate Dillon is guest judge.

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s16e08 / Client on the Go

6th Oct '17 - 1:00am
Client on the Go

The designers are tasked with creating an on-the-go look for friends and family of the Project Runway crew, but the good spirited challenge takes an ugly turn when accusations of cheating cloud the results of a contentious runway. Sophia Stallone and Yolanda Hadid guest judge.

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s16e09 / A 'Little' Avant Garde

13th Oct '17 - 1:00am
A 'Little' Avant Garde

The dramatic fallout from the cheating scandal rocks the designers and leaves everyone wondering how they'll move forward in the competition. But the show must go on and the designers rally to create an Avant Garde inspired by Shopkin's characters. Kate Upton is guest judge.

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s16e10 / Social Thread: Driving Miss Unconventional

20th Oct '17 - 1:00am
Social Thread: Driving Miss Unconventional

It's the Lexus Challenge, but this one is Unconventional and nobody is safe! The designers must use safety materials to create a look that wows the judges as Fashion Week is right around the corner. Guest judge is Carly Chaikin.

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s16e11 / Warrior Fashion

27th Oct '17 - 1:00am
Warrior Fashion

It's an emotional runway as the designers create looks inspired by "Warrior Women" - women who have battled breast cancer. Rachel Brosnahan guest judges.

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s16e12 / There's Snow Business Like Sew Business

3rd Nov '17 - 1:00am
There's Snow Business Like Sew Business

The runway is converted into a Winter Wonderland as the designers are tasked with creating a winter-themed look that will decide who goes to NY Fashion Week and who gets left out in the cold. Guest judge is Katie Holmes.

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s16e13 / Finale Part 1

10th Nov '17 - 2:00am
Finale Part 1

After heading home to work on their Fashion Week collections, the five finalists are visited by Tim who is not impressed with everything they have created so far. The designers return to New York and present the judges with 2 pieces from their collection. With only three spots guaranteed for Fashion Week, everything is on the line.

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s16e14 / Finale Part 2

17th Nov '17 - 2:00am
Finale Part 2

Fashion Week is finally here and the designers rush to put the final touches on their collections. Four designers will have their dream of showing at New York Fashion Week, but only one designer will reach the next Project Runway Winner! Guest judge Jessica Alba joins the panel.

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s16e15 / Season 16 Reunion Special

1st Dec '17 - 2:00am
Season 16 Reunion Special

The designers reunite with Tim Gunn to discuss their experiences, reminisce, share emotions, and get to the bottom of the cheating scandal that rocked the season.

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